A Near Death Experience, No. 198.

Angel Experience.

Thought I'd share something that happened to me the end of Oct. Might find it interesting. My wife says she sees angels quite easily. Hope you have a great holiday season!
Love, T.

The day of Oct. 29, 2003 was an exceptionally emotional one. I guess the full implications of "anything is possible" were very visceral and overwhelming on that day. By following that truth out one realizes that the world could dissolve and disappear to be replaced by something else at any time. Anyway it was extremely frightening and I could almost think I was going insane.

Fortunately my wife was there to talk me down. She was like the Buddha giving me step by step instructions on what to do to stay grounded and not go over the brink. I also cried out for God and or the angels to help me through this.

That night I went to bed probably around 11:00 PM. Sometime later I woke up to a most unusual energy. I was lying on my left side facing my wife and it seemed that my being was vibrating almost like a bowl of jello. Like my boundaries were shifting several inches in all directions. It was a warm, low frequency vibration. Pleasant.

Now this could not have been my "physical body" since that type of motion would have shook the bed and awakened my wife, but it was definitely happening. I opened my eyes and was just lying there very still, feeling this, wondering what was going on, when I suddenly felt two hands on my right shoulder push my physical body down harder into the mattress. This was undeniably my body being pushed down like someone was leaning straight armed against me and putting his/her weight on me with a quick motion.

Coincident to the touch of those 2 hands a powerful pulse of the same energy I had awakened to coursed through me.

It was over like that.

When I turned I saw nothing. I immediately woke my wife and told her what happened.

I was definitely awake. My physical body was definitely interacting with this angel or whatever you wish to call it.

My reaction to the incident is that I found it reassuring.

The incident fits in to those angel experiences others have had though is modest in comparison to some.


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