A Near Death Experience, No. 199.

Friend's NDE.

I think you have done a very nice job with your web site. I find it very interesting the NDEs and know that they are real. I had a friend (he moved to another state) that had a NDE.

He was in the hospital emergency room and was having a heart attack when he flat lined. He said before he flat lined he was in such pain it was unbearable. Then when he flat lined the pain was gone and he said the first thing he knew he was floating on the ceiling looking down at the bed he was laying on.

At first he did not know it was himself. He heard them say Code Blue and they started rushing around and blocked his view so he could not see himself. Then one of the nurses moved enough for him to see his face and then he knew he was dead.

He said it was like, wow I am dead, but I am still here. Then he said it was just a matter of seconds before he opened his eyes on the hospital bed and thought, oh the PAIN, because all of the pain came rushing back. He also said he knew he was not in his body and that there is an after life.

J. J.


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