A Near Death Experience, No. 17.

My Sister's NDE

Marm's Notes: My sister had an attack of appendicitis.

She was rushed to the hospital. While laying on the operating table, she floated out of body, looked at herself on the table and watched the doctors and nurses rush around trying to help her recover.

She considered in herself why they were making such a fuss because she was perfectly alright. She quickly tired of watching them and looked up. Her mind followed her gaze and she floated up to the ceiling, then she turned her gaze downward and saw everyone getting smaller and smaller. She felt a strong sense of levity. The thought occurred to her to go back down. She floated down and stood beside her body on the operating table. People were working right through her.

Then she considered leaving and took a walk out of the operating room, and roamed the halls for a few minutes. She did not tell me that she remembered getting back into her body.

peace, M.


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