A Near Death Experience, No. 16.

Car Wreck/Becoming a Spirit

The best moment I know of, was when I died, and went to our real home. Coming back to this world and dealing with it is the worse. It is not (earth) my favorite place any longer!

I did not remember the wreck, so this is heresay, but my account of my visit as SPIRIT IS FACT.

Taking a ride in a 1969 convertable corvette in South Jersey, we hit a tree at 80 mph. Driver went out his door window before car flipped over. I went half out the roof as car flipped and slid 100 ft. down the road. Police set flares up, but could not get the car off of me. Another car did not yield for the flares and ran over me knocking the corvette off me. (Wow I was lucky).

Amazingly, I woke up a week later, I had been in a coma, in the hospital. As my eyes opened I didn't have any idea what is going on.


The feeling I felt of love was so strong; never felt unconditional love before. The only thought I had was this is the dimension of our lord.

In this dark place, looking around, I noticed I had 100 percent of complete thought as normal with no body. I knew I was at the gate to heaven, the love I dwelled in was so intense. The place was so beautiful, tranquil, the best.

This bright, pearly light was to my right. I wanted to go to my father. Then in front of me, two large white translucent hands appeared; palms up, together, offering me the light. Then, to my left, an arm waving for me to come to the light. Then they pointed to me. I said: "THERE IS SOMETHING IN LIFE I HAVE NOT ACHIEVED YET."

After that, I have more energy, so strong and life is different. People don't understand; can't help my confusion; they laugh sometimes; they make me feel bad. But I know I am good, and can not wait to leave this world and go home to my father! B.


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