A Near Death Experience, No. 165.

Pre-Birth Remembrance.

Between my first and third birthdays, my yard included a special oak tree. We moved when I was three. Until then, my Oak was willing to be whatever I pretended it should be. After play, the Oak was a place to rest, providing shade on a summer's day. During those times, I first began my efforts to "see" where I had been before I came to this life.

I absolutely knew that I had been somewhere else before I got to this life. Back then, "seeing" where I had been had nothing to do with "remembering." With the most intense gaze possible, I would try to penetrate the open air, or an open area, to "see" the three beings who were with me just before I was born.

My efforts continued for years after we moved and eventually became a search to understand the experience.

From the beginning, curiosity was not my motivation. There was no feeling that "there" was better than "here." I was "here" on purpose. Those three beings were "where I was not supposed to be able to see."

Even so, I knew my three beings could see me sitting beneath the Oak. There was nothing frightening about that. That was the way things were supposed to be.

As I strained to see my three beings and their place through the open air, I was not seeking some celestial favor or gift. I was not seeking to return to where they were. The only feeling that I have ever associated with the place from which I came, and with the three beings, is an entirely unselfish, uncomplicated, and thoroughly complete love.

That Love was real at age 2 or 3. It exists as memory today. This must be the Love from which we came and to which we will return.

The remaining details are still crisp and sharp in my mind. That "somewhere" before this life was distinct enough to a "place", a special area, but vast enough to seem limitless. Light pervaded everywhere in pleasant pastels.

Many others were present. For me, only the three beings were important. They were there especially for me just before I was born into this life. They never treated me like an infant. I had no sense of being a "baby" during the time I was with them.

Standing in that "place" with my three beings, I was surrounded by spectacular vistas. If I had turned around, I would have seen the planet Earth beside and below us.

All of the vistas seemed unimportant. My three beings huddled about me, giving me both information and instructions. That was the important part. After that, they sent me here, -- to this life.

Years later, I watched three football coaches huddle with a player along the sideline. It was apparent that the three coaches each told the player something important about the game he was about to enter. There were instructions given. Then with a gentle shove, the coaches sent that player into the game. As I watched, I could recall my three "coaches" sending me here into this "game" in very much the same way.

Sixty-one years have now gone by. The Oak is as magnificant as an old Indian "treaty tree." A lifetime of experiences have revealed at least some of God's game plan for one man. Like all of us, I can not recall the information and instructions that I was given. Still, I have come to know that I am never out of His sight. No matter where I am, or when, His "still small voice" is a constant Guide. Somehow my three beings are His just as we all are.



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