A Near Death Experience, No. 140.

Pre-Birth Experience.

I clearly remember like it was this morning. There was more light and love and happiness than you could ever imagine, the amount, it's more than our universe could hold. The only way that I could describe it is, if you were to take all the love you have ever felt in your entire life, and combined it all together it would measure as one little, small grain of sand, while all the sand found on all the beaches and deserts of this world compares with the love I felt.

I remember being within a golden city full of the brightest white light, and the light was love, and I also was a part of that light and love, like a large ocean of light and love with countless others. Then I was pulled away and became separate. Example: "like the ocean, and then take a dropper and pull out of the ocean one single drop". I am still the ocean, but yet now a separate single drop. I was carried away by a compassionate father figure.

I will be so bold and say Jesus Christ, and he was also light and there is no physical form. I was held and carried away as if flying at great speed until we were into the heavenly stars, just as you see when you look up. I was then placed on top of very small planet looking place, all that was there was this rocky dirt path that started from the very top and spiralled all the way around this planet till the bottom.

I became of Physical form the moment I was placed there atop this path. I cried to him as if he were my father, "no! please, I don't want to leave," like a child when a parent drops a small child off somewhere (like school) and they desperately don't want their parent to leave. I was in a long white robe with a golden rope of some sort tied loosely around my waist. I also had a very large staff taller than myself. I definitely did not want to go. I was extremely crushed and broken hearted and pleaded that I didn't want to leave.

The light being Jesus was very bright and hovered way above me like a bright star. I remember my tears and sadness. He said to me in a male voice telepathically: "You must go my child". He said it with all the love and compassion in the universe.

My love for him and the home I was leaving was just so intense. I then became frightened and at that same moment I became angry and then in a tantrum rage I picked up my staff and with both my hands I raised my staff above my head and I Screamed No! striking my staff as hard as I could against this large boulder that layed to the side of this path. That very instant I struck the Rock, it melted instantly and turned into water and also that instant I became a part of that water and very quickly flowed down this spiral path to the bottom like a raging river, and it was then I was born. I have never forgotten, nor will I ever forget. It's been a part of me since the beginning of time.

It's interesting that throughout my life whenever I reflect on it, I see myself as I am now, then as a child I saw myself as a child and so on. From the moment I could express myself and form sentences I cried to my family I wanted to go back to the love. They didn't understand until I was old enough to explain what I meant. This was not to really be discussed out side of just us, but its just been a fact that I can remember.

I don't know why I was allowed to remember. I just know that I was allowed and not just some freak thing that just happened. I am no different than anyone else. I have made mistakes in my life just like others, maybe more. I have had many tragedies in my life just like others. I can tell you that knowing leaves a comparison between there and here that is very painful, don't get me wrong, I have had many joys, blessings in my life. But life in comparison seems like detention, and I am just waiting until I am called to go home. I miss it with all my heart.

I don't feel there has been any special mission God has had for me.

Your sister from the light, Dawn.


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