A Near Death Experience, No. 139.

My Mother's NDE.

My Mother had an NDE experience when she was in labor with my younger brother. This was 30 years ago, when people just didn't talk about this sort of thing. Most people that she told this to, thought that it was the medicine that she was on at the time. However, she swore that that was not the case.

This was her story:

She was bleeding heavily, it had something to do with the placenta ripping away, and she said that she could feel herself drifting away... and she could hear the doctor and the nurses telling her to "breathe, breathe, breathe!!" But she said she felt no pain, and was very calm and peaceful. She never mentioned about seeing family members or recalling her life, but she did say that she went through a long tunnel, and at the end of the tunnel, was a great white light, so bright in fact that it was almost hard to look at, but at the same time too, it didn't hurt her eyes.

She said that when she came to the end of the tunnel, that she was given an option, that she could stay or she could return, but she was so worried about the new baby that she kept saying: "My baby, my baby"... and the voice told her then, "Go back to your child"... she said that in that instant that that was said, she didn't want to leave then, and she was told that she had too.

Just then she said that she woke to the nurse hitting her chest, begging her to start breathing again, which of course, she did... She said that it was the most life altering experience that she had ever had. She said that she was no longer afraid to die... that she knew that there really was life after death and that there was a God, or a higher being out there that was all Love and compassion... she said that the love that she felt was something that she could never explain, that it was so strong and overwhelming that she really wanted to stay but she knew that my Father would never know how to take care of a small child and a baby too, that she loved us so much that she was sent back.

My Mother died of cancer this past February. My brother and I were with her the day that she died. When we knew that there was no coming back for her, I reminded her of her story of her NDE, I can only hope that she heard me because she was in a comatose stage at the time, but the nurses assured me that she could hear me. It wasn't until I reminded her of that and that my daughter had also said, "Heaven is a good place Grandma", that 10 minutes tops, she was off and gone away into the tunnel once again. So that is that... that is the closest thing I can say about a NDE. I think it's real and I honestly believe that what she told me was true and accurate.



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