A Near Death Experience, No. 132.

The Oneness.

In 1998 I was still in college, one day after finals I wanted to relax so I decided to go to a lake behind my apartment. I took a blanket, a book, and a bottle of water, and lay down by the water under a tree. I may have read a couple of pages but the birds were singing so loudly I couldn't concentrate. I was enjoying listening to them very much, so I decided to just look at the clear blue sky and listen to the birds sing.

My mind started to wonder how humans destroy this beautiful world, and wondered why we couldn't live with nature. I suddenly started to hear the most beautiful song I had ever heard. There were no instruments playing but the voice was not just a regular voice. It was so holy and very comforting. I started to be so absorbed in the song. From the sky, I saw a bright light. It was as if the light was a living thing. It was communicating with me, it asked me if I wanted to go to it, I did not speak, but I knew it read my mind. I wanted to go to it more than anything in this world, and then I heard my older sister's voice. My sister was pleading with me not to go. I did not see her, but I was telling her in my mind to shut up and wondered why she couldn't understand how good it would be for me to go. She kept on crying and begging me not to go. She told me she needed me.

It was my sister's cries that made me think about this world. I started to think that I was not ready to go. I thought that I was still young and wanted to experience what life had to offer. Most of all I felt my parents' sorrow. At that point I was suddenly aware of where I was. It was like waking up from a dream, but I know I was not dreaming.

While it was happening, I was not scared at all. I wanted to stay there and feel that wonderful feeling forever. After the fact, I started to get scared, to this day, I'm afraid of looking at the sun. I still wear glasses and close window blinds if the sun is too bright. I don't understand why I'm scared now because it was the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt.



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