A Near Death Experience, No. 117.

Fainted OBE.

Hi, I found your site fascinating. I had a puzzling experience back in the 70's.

I was standing in a queue and started feeling ill. I heard a roaring noise, and fainted.

I found myself in what looked like outer space, and the strange thing was, it was familiar, I had the sort of feeling like: "Oh thank goodness I'm back," and the life I had left behind just seemed like a dream I had passed through, and I was now really alive and firing on all cylinders!

I saw what looked like an island in the distance, and on it were a group of people that I KNEW, and I was desperate to get to them, but a stream appeared in front of me and as I was struggling to get across it to the island, this buzzing noise was drawing me back, then suddenly I was back in my body (and promptly got sick!)

I never saw the light, but I knew that this experience was more real than any I have ever had, and it has stayed with me.

I don't think I was near death, so what was this?



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