A Near Death Experience, No. 116.

NDE Evidence in a Cotton Field.

In the Spring of 1978 -- a Police officer, working for a city in Texas, traveled to a dirt road in an effort to investigate a tip given by a confidential source. The dirt road was on the south edge of the city and was marked by the city limit sign. The dirt road cut though the middle of a large cotton field. The officer traveled south down the road a few miles. A young teenager had given him information the night before. The officer found the young man's claim very hard to believe. What he discovered confirmed the statements given by the young teenager. The officer found the aftermath and carnage left behind from a major automobile collision. There was a trail in a southeasterly direction though the cotton field. He found the imprint of a car grill in the ditch on the side of the road. The imprint and impression was 6 inches to a foot deep. The car grill matched that of a 1973 Thunderbird. He followed the trail though the cotton field. A few feet away from the grill imprint was a taillight section imprint. All together -- there was three imprints of a grill and two imprints of a tail section at the beginning of the long trail. The last impression of the grill was at a right angle. The impression that followed was of the side body of the same make and model automobile. There were many impressions of the side giving indication that the car had flipped front over end twice and then rolled a great distance to a spot at the end of the long trail. The long trail gave indication to the officer that the automobile had been traveling at a very high rate of speed.

The officer called the Sheriff's Department to report his discovery. All investigators where baffled. There was clear physical evidence that a collision had occurred -- but there was no automobile or physical body of any driver or passengers. There was no physical evidence that any type of salvage operation had taken place in the middle of the cotton field. All agencies was contacted including the Highway Patrol to determine if any automobile accident involving a 1973 Thunderbird had taken place. All savage companies contracted by the City and County for that type of salvage where contacted.

The Police officer who had been given the tip kept the name of his source confidential and out of the investigation. The Police officer had befriended the teenager two years prior on his patrol and regular beat downtown. The teenager had been driving a 1973 Thunderbird and was upset because he had amnesia to his past. He stated the he woke up one morning and all he could remember vividly -- was rolling around in a cotton field one minute and waking up in bed the next minute. The teenager exclaimed that it was beyond him to explain how he "thought" he had died and came back to life. He told the officer it was one thing to have the "thought" in his head which could have been a vivid dream -- but after the teenager retraced some memories and found the trial for himself -- he had no doubts that he died, went to a light realm beyond, and some how came back.

In 1988 -- A Specialist was called to the Hospital to examine some unusual marks found on an abnormal medical image taken during an emergency operation. The Doctor was astonished at the sight of the internal markings found. In his mind -- they were clear indication of massive amounts of major surgery. A type of surgical procedure he had never witnessed before -- or had studied. When the young man recovered from the operation to repair a collapsed lung -- the Doctor rushed to talk to the young man. The Doctor told the young man, "My goodness. If I wasn't seeing this with my own eyes. I wouldn't believe. My trained eyes are telling me that your body belongs in a morgue. How you're sitting up in that bed is beyond me to comprehend and to physically explain."

The Doctor asked about childhood surgery and the name of his personal surgeon. The young man had amnesia about his childhood. The young man was surprised to hear about the amount of surgery he had hidden inside him. He told the Doctor that his parents never told him about major surgery on him as a child. The young man had no outer scars to confirm the Doctors statements. The Doctor was astonished that the type of surgery he witnessed with his trained eye had been performed in a manner that left no outer physical scars. The Doctor described each injury of internal organs and explained the massive amount of technology that had to be in place to perform what his trained eye was witnessing on the image. The young man had no memory of suffering any injury due to amnesia. The Doctor got to a mark and scar that ran the entire length of the midsection. The young man finally recalled something. He told the Doctor, "Oh yeah -- I can remember that injury vividly. Why did you have to go and remind me of it? That was horrible. That was when I rolled around in that dang cotton field. What a ride that was."

The Doctor inquired about his memory of the collision and the name of the surgeon that had performed the remarkable surgery. The young man told the Doctor that it all was made to look like it never happened and because of that -- it made him sound insane when he gave testimony of the incident. The young man refused to talk to the Doctor concerning the limited memories he did have of the event. The Doctor asked the young man who he felt had performed the miraculous operation he witnessed evident on the medical image and who, and why it was covered up. The young man pointed his finger upwards and said, "God or the real Santa Claus -- which ever one you believe in is fine with me. I believe in the "Real Santa" so please don't talk to me about God."

The young man used parable expressions of the spiritual event and refused to use fundamental religious words of expression concerning his memory of the "hereafter" or "life beyond." He called the "ones" he could recall that had return to the wrecked car with him after his trip "home" -- Santa's helpers or elves. He told the Doctor that he didn't see them though human eyes once his spirit was returned to the physical body. He was aware of their constant presence at various times -- but could not see them though human eyes. He indicated that they may be standing over in the corner but since he and everyone else is blind to them -- it was insane to talk about their constant presence in his life. The young man indicated that when they needed to communicate something to him -- then they would whisper "thought" toward him though his heart. The young man indicated that during the stage of "sleep" they would come to him in dreams and help him comprehend the direction he was taking in his personal journey though gravity and time of darkness while in physical form.

After several weeks of personal and private conversations -- the Doctor sought permission from the young man to go public with his findings in an effort to help the young man tell his extraordinary story to other minds of the world. The young man stated that he would have to talk to the "ones he knew in his dreams" before he could talk about that event openly with others. The young man returned to the Doctor and stated that he had been informed by the "ones he knew in his dreams" that it was not the right time to go forward. He told the Doctor that he still had to walk with forgetfulness for a while. He stated that he could not talk about things for the past if he didn't remember them. The Doctor told him, "You're a gentle sleeping giant and you don't even know it. I hope you're just as gentle when you wake up to who you are."

In 1998 -- I started waking up. I am the teenager who talked to that Policeman back in 1978 and I am the young man who spoke to the Doctor back in 1988. For 20 years -- my conscious mind was kept blind to the subconscious memories of five afterlife trips "home" during childhood. I had partial sight of the 1978 NDE for sevreal years afterward.

I have spent the last few years trying to do my own research of what others give testimony of in their "near-death experience." My experiences where not average or normal in comparison to the range of NDE's that I have researched.

For the moment -- I stand alone with my testimony of events that took place back in 1978 and 1988. I think the official documents and testimony they will provide will be very powerful. Any professional who examines them in the future has to conclude the same. The photos from the cotton field along with the measurements of the length of the trail will give professionals a basis for making an accurate determination of the speed the car was traveling at the moment of impact. It was in excess of 100 MPH. The one Officer I confided in -- told me it boggled everyone's mind. It totally mystified and stunned the investigators. They stated that the physical evidence they studied indicated that the conclusion of that crash should have left a mangled car in salvage and a physical body should have been laying in the morgue. They could not explain how both disappeared at the end of that trail.

It has been hard for others to take my testimony seriously without physical evidence in hand. I tried for 6 years after 1978 to talk directly about my experience in the afterlife. It always stunned people. I stopped talking about it after 1984 and refused to talk in lenght after my 1988 NDE. (I had one prior to the trip to the ER in the ambulance.)

By the way -- as a teenager -- I never obtained a copy of the report. I just knew of its existence. Friends had accused me of pulling some elobrate type hoax. I was afraid the Police would arrest me for some type of hoax and destruction of personal property. I was very perplexed by the amnesia effect afterwards. The level of conscisous understanding I had returned to -- gave me sight of memories that even I had to conclude -- were illogical. Then again -- the mystery of the divine is illogical.

I have heard it over and over again, many years ago, and during the last couple of years. Many people when I spoke of the "NDE like expereince" in the afterlife -- accused me of beliving in some type of mental hallucination. The theory is alive in many people when it comes to testimony given of an "afterlife" expereince. Delusional is the proper term for it. Delusional is defined as something believed with invalidating evience. So many times -- people told me the invalidating evidence was the fact that I was still in a human body.

Some time in the near future -- I hope to have in hand -- the offical document that states from a professional point of view -- that a corpse came up missing in 1978 at the end of a trail of carnage in the midst of a cotton field. Also the offical documenation from 1988 of a scientific mind that stated he had ran into the corspe that came up missing in that cotton field.

My testimony afterwards will be focused on the fact -- that it is not the physical body that we are -- we are the "spiritual entity" hidden within.


D. K.


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