A Near Death Experience, No. 10.

Genetic Heart Condition.

At the time I was 39 years old, last December, single mom, finishing my double major in Psychology and Criminal Justice. I have had a genetic heart condition, since I was 17 years old. It had been getting worse over the years, and I went to the ER at least once or twice a month for the problem.

On this particular day, I had been in the ER, the medicine that usually works to get my heart problem under control did not work, so the doctors doubled the dose. After injecting the medicine, it stopped my heart like it is suppose to do, but instead of for only 10 seconds, it stopped it for a couple of minutes.

During this time, I felt my body was like cement, and I was light, floating above my body. I did not feel the need to breath any more. I could hear everyone around me, but could not respond to them. Eventually, I realized I was no longer in my body, I was dying. Shear panic came over me, I had my children to think about, so many things to do in my life, I was just beginning to get my life together, I didn't want to die yet.

After a short time, I am not really sure, I felt my spirit reentering my body, it was a painful experience, even just the weight of my body was a lot for me to deal with. As soon as I was back into my body, I started crying uncontrollably, it was something I didn't know how to stop, the sobbing and tears just kept coming. I was so distressed. There was no family with me, I was by myself, except for the nurses and the doctor. Eventually, a friend came to the hospital, and helped to calm me down.

Since then I had a few more trips to the hospital, I would not let anyone give me double doses of the medicine unless someone I knew was with me. I have been fortunate not to die since, but I have had many, many OOBE's since, and actually many before, but didn't know that is what they were.

I KNOW that I go on after this physical life, so I just take each day and enjoy it for wherever it takes me.




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