A Near Death Experience, No. 11.

NDE Changed My Life.

It was another dreadfully cold and snowy Monday in Indianapolis; a town far away from home and a place I truly dispised. I did not have family near by and I was in a terrible marriage. On that November 15, 1993, the fear of cancer was added to my already, unsettled life and the only option was surgery.

As I woke up in the recovery room, I heard a voice telling me that there was no cancer. Shortly thereafter, I realized something was very wrong. There were many alarmed voices and fast moving bodies huddling over me. I was crying out, "WHAT IS WRONG?," yet no one would answer. I reached for someone, but my arms would not move. My vision failed me and I could only hear faint voices, the most prominent one stating, "Her blood pressure is dropping, oh my God, we are losing her, get the ventilator!" Panic began to overcome me and I screamed, "PLEASE, HELP ME!"

A beautiful, luminous light appeared. It was so pretty and peaceful looking. As I slowly walked towards the light, I could feel a glorious warmth on my face. It made me feel content and happy for the first time in years and I wanted to stay there forever. However, I heard many noises behind me and turned back. I could see the doctors and nurses working on my lifeless body. At this point, going towards the light was so easy compared to my complicated life.

Once again, I turned to walk into the light and this time I heard some familiar voices behind me. As I turned to look, I could hear my children crying, "Mommy, please don't leave us!" Both of them were reaching out for me. There was a beautiful light on one side and my children on the other, what to do?

The next thing I remember was opening my eyes and the light was replaced with a green wall. The voice I heard was a nurse telling me, "welcome back." I had been in a coma for three days.

This experience changed my life. I made many changes and now my children and I are very happy. Sometimes, I can not believe I had to think about the choice of the light or my children, but I am thankful for the choice I made.

Has anyone else ever had to make such a choice during their NDE? Was this a voluntary return or just not my time yet? --T.


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