Question 24 about Near Death Experiences.

Question: What is the NDE Paradigm?

Answer: Actually, there is an excellent web site that posts:



No event in this world is more life-altering to an individual than the near-death experience. For every experiencer, the world is never again interpreted in the same way because it is no longer seen as the primary field of existence. The NDE results in undeniable self-knowledge and self-realization of the true nature of our existence and the purpose of life.

While experiencers have no doubt whatsoever that they have encountered the primary field of existence, attempts to prove the validity and value of NDEs fall short. This remains so even though tens of millions have had NDEs – people from every region in the world, at every age, from every religion or no religion, from people living "good" to "bad" lives.

Intellectual musings about NDEs falter because there literally are no words to describe the dimension that is encountered, the language used can be misinterpreted and, in any case, any intellectual case for the NDE can only be a theory. Meanwhile, scientific experiments that primarily focus on the physiological processes associated with NDEs miss its very essence. Even scientific explorations that acknowledge the NDE essence as non-physical provide no guidance as to how to use this knowledge.

While NDEs differ in many ways, and those differences should not be discounted, the overwhelming commonalties are more important, and form the basis of the NDE Paradigm. The true measure of the power and cosmic truth of the near-death experience are the resulting unprecedented and irreversible changes in experiencer belief and behavior.

Living the NDE Paradigm provides far more impressive proof of NDE validity than any intellectual belief or scientific experiment because the positive changes in one’s life are monumental in nature, personally undeniable. . . and inevitable. They are inevitable because once the doors to cosmic consciousness are opened, significant changes begin immediately upon application.

The more the Paradigm is applied, the greater the life transformation. In short, living the NDE Paradigm replicates the essence of the NDE experience& without the practitioner suffering physical trauma.

Because living the NDE Paradigm does not necessitate a great deal of intellectual/scientific knowledge, it is accessible by all mentally healthy people. Every single moment of life, every thought, is an opportunity to apply - or not apply - the Paradigm. The wisdom of choosing to apply the Paradigm becomes self-evident, especially to non-experiencers, who will see the changes in their lives.

NDEs give experiencers knowledge. . . but not necessarily wisdom. A person confused by life before a NDE may be even more confused afterward. Experiencers know they must apply the knowledge they received to this dimension – an extremely challenging task that necessitates personal decision-making. Living the NDE Paradigm does not eliminate that task – or its difficulty - but helps one by providing a coherent plan for integrating NDEs into this dimension.

The NDE Paradigm is a spiritual compass that provides direction without dogma – it is a truth, not the truth. It is based on cosmic consciousness, which underlies all spiritual truths. Practitioners must always think for themselves and adjust and expand upon the Paradigm in light of their own life journey. The NDE Paradigm cannot be lived on remote control, because it demands personal involvement. There can, and should be, other versions of the Paradigm.

Believing in the Paradigm will accomplish nothing;only the effort to apply it in its entirety will achieve results.

There is a great deal more to learn and use in your life. For the rest of it, go to: The NDE Paradigm.


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