Question 23 about Near Death Experiences.

Question: Doesn't brain mapping indicate we are not spiritual beings?

Answer: Actually, it indicates just the opposite.

We are all familiar with the picture of a doctor showing a brain model, while pointing out the locations from which the brain handles hearing, sight, and movement of body parts. Recently doctors have shown us where memory, recognition and other intangible items are located in the brain.

If this were true then the brain could be said to be hard-wired and understandable. But the brain is not hard-wired, it is unique to each person.

Scientists can not say, in any given brain, where any function resides. This makes each brain as unique as its owner. It indicates the brain does not control the body, but that "something" is controlling the brain that makes it unique to each person. That something is "you." The spiritual you is giving the orders and the brain carries them out.

Now if the brain is damaged in a certain area, sometimes another part of the brain can be trained to do the job. This is common with stroke victims. This retraining is also indicative of a controller for the brain.

However, sometimes the brain is damaged so the spirit control can not use it for certain things. The person may seem to lose their memory, or other functions, but it is only because the brain is aged or damaged. There is nothing wrong with the spirit, just that it can't "get through" any more.

There is an excellent study on Brain Mapping taking place at UCLA. This study will help you to understand it.


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