Question 16 about Near Death Experiences.

Question: I saw on TV a scientist who said that the brain just makes up the Near Death Experience when it knows it's dying. Is that possible?

Answer: Of course not. I have heard this argument also. The theory is when the brain starts to die, it brings up all this love and light, as well as other elements of the near death experience. This theory contains all sorts of logical problems. If the brain can do this, then how does the brain know to choose the relatives, religious figures, and other settings displayed? Especially since most near death experiences contain events not experienced in a physical existance. Can the brain do this at other times of stress or maybe without any stress? What tells the brain that it is dying? If the brain can fool us so easily, and completely, that the experiencer will change their entire lifestyle, how can we know if anything we experience is real?

This is the most unrealistic of all the theories about NDEs. I see it as humorous. The NDE doesn't always happen in a brain dying trauma. The NDE doesn't happen in the brain at all, and this is not theory, but fact, backed up by a growing mountain of data. Read the Brain Thing.


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