Question 15 about Near Death Experiences.

Question: I have been reading about NDE's, and I have read both sides of the arguments, and I don't know which side is right?

Answer: This is an easy one to answer.

The side that is right, is the one that actually had the Near Death Experience. The other side is just speculating.

If you were going to build a new house, would you consult a person that only read a lot of material on building houses, or would you choose to consult an experienced carpenter that had actually built houses.

It doesn't matter how many degrees someone has, they can't judge the personal experiences of others, because each person's experience is unique to them, others can not know what they experienced. Others can only have an opinion, or guess as to what happened.

We can, and should learn from the experiences of others, but to say we know what they experienced is pure speculation. Belief comes from many sources, knowing comes only from first-hand experience.

Realizing science questions personal experience; what is the difference between 1000 scientists duplicating an experiment; and 1000 Near Death Experiencers seeing the same Light, feeling the same Love, and understanding their eternal spiritual nature? Why, nothing, of course.


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