Question 10 about Near Death Experiences.

Question: Why are the Near Death Experiences in the News Media so different than the ones on NDE web sites?

Answer: Good question. The news media reports mainly the skeptical view of near death experiences. Explaining how drugs cause NDEs, or how NDEs are just a misfiring synapse in the brain, or an illusion due to dissociation. They have a list of standard "physical" causes of the near death experience. This list only works with some of the aspects of near death experiences, but not with others. So they name only the NDE aspects their list can explain. If they named all the elements of a full-blown NDE, their physical causes would look rather lame.

Some of the things they don't usually mention are:

After being revived, the individual will give information of what happened while he/she was dead. Not only local information from around the body, but sometimes information gathered from miles away, information that is later verified by doctors, friends, or relatives. These are called veridical NDEs.

Talking with deceased relatives and receiving information that proved accurate in the physical world. Such as a deceased relative telling the experiencer where their last will was buried or other helpful information later verified by the experiencer and others.

Seeing and talking to a Spirit Being who is very loving, and kind. This Spirit Being tells them they must go back into the physical world because they have not finished their lives. The experiencer often protests and wants to stay in the spiritual, but is forced back into their body anyway.

Experiencing a Life Review: A Spirit Being shows them to a place where their life is reviewed on a screen. Literally "having your life pass before your eyes". Here the experiencer feels the result of his actions to others. This experience can be very difficult. Danion Brinkly said this part was so difficult for him he could barely talk about it. He said he felt the pain of a man he had killed, at the same time he felt the pain of his wife, children and friends. One experiencer said she never felt so humilated in her life. Another said she was so embarrassed she could do nothing but cry after seeing the way she had treated others.

Being taken to a hall or cathedral and shown future events in the form of pictures and icons. Then coming back to life and seeing these things come true one after the other.

Feeling intense energy, and upon returning not being able to sleep for days, having strange things happen, like touching a light bulb, not connected to electricity, and watch it light up, touching people and having them remark that their aches and pains had just stopped. Feeling so peaceful and full of joy, indescribable in words. Small electrical items fail around you, watches stop, batteries go dead, etc. Pictures appearing in a camera not taken by the NDE user. This intense energy does lessen with the passing of time.

Being shown the Park, the Akashic Hall of Records, Schools, and Libraries, a partial layout of the crystal city so many experiencers talk about.

Seeing the Bright Light, knowing it is God's presence and His unconditional love. There is the knowledge within the light of all things available for the asking. When one thinks of a question, the answer immediately pops into conscious thought. No wonder no one wants to leave.

Not all of these events will happen in all NDEs. But they have all happened in someone's near death experience posted in the web sites that study this phenonmenon along with other events not mentioned here. Remember that the near death experience is personal for the individual experiencing it. They each will be unique as each person is unique.

Please read the actual experiences as posted by the individuals who had them if you really want to know what they contain. There are over 300 experiences on this site, and the links page will take you to hundreds more of them. Good reading.


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