Question 09 about Near Death Experiences.

Question: What is the position of NDEs in relation to scientific research?

Answer: Science is a closed belief system, a set of methods and laws (limitations), by which Scientists test reality (truth). It is a template used to organize the stream of consciousness we humans are immersed in daily. Scientists use scientific methods to organize, count, catalog and validate these human experiences. They feel good about their template (scientific beliefs) until some phenomenon comes along that doesn't fit the patterns of its structure.

At this point, they might consider the accuracy of their template, whether it is perfect enough to cover ALL of human experience. Maybe the template needs to be modified or expanded: what if science doesn't know everything.

But rather than examine their tools scientists foolishly label the experience as false, a freak, or the experiencer/reporter as unreliable in some way. Even worse, they try to trim and shape the experience to force it into the structure of the template. Doing this, scientists can say we understand it, even though the experience has been violated and frauded.

Such is the position of the Near Death Experiences in relation to science.


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