A Near Death Experience, No. 90.

Beautiful SPE.

(This spiritual experience was emailed to me by an 85-year-old gentleman living in New Zealand. It's such a beautiful event I wanted to share it on this site.)

I had a similar experience when my wife, aged eighty two, two days before she died, visited me at my breakfast table, entering at the closed door and stopped at my side.

She was absolutely beautiful and looked age thirty, not eighty two. Looking at me, and pointing hard at her chest, she said very plainly, "This is the real me, the other, (meaning her own body at the nursing home, sixteen miles away) is but a carcass." She then walked from my side to the front of me, bent down and kissed me on the lips, which I felt. She then vanished.

Although her body and brain had deteriorated to child proportion, her mind was absolutely intact. She wished to see me and her mind controlled all her subsequent actions. It took away all fears of her passing to the beyond and it was a joy to see her.



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