A Near Death Experience, No. 268.

Acid Reflux Surgery.

I am new to this site. Below is my story.

I believe I had a near death experience in 1998. I had surgery for acid reflux and they ended up doing it by cutting me from just below my chest all the way down to my stomach. The day of the surgery and the day after seemed to be going as expected. However, by the third day my breathing was getting very bad (I am asthmatic). I was being given vicodin intravenously. It got very hard for me to even get to the bathroom in my room without getting very bad asthma attacks. It was on the edge constantly and I could not roll down my bed (sat up all night) or do anything without getting it going full force. With that and the pain of my surgery, it was impossible to find a position to try to sleep.

My husband had been going strong and with work and coming to the hospital (he had two jobs) on the particular evening of my incident, I told him just to stay home and rest as I wasn't really up to having visitors. As bad as my asthma was, I really did not consider that I could die as I had gone through very bad asthma and had a close call some years before. I just tried counting each day and to me each day that passed meant one day closer to my feeling better. During visiting hours that evening my roommate was in the visitor room so did not witness me pulling out my IV, getting completely dressed (except for my coat), and packing the small suitcase I had brought (books, etc.) and leaving. I should not have been physically able to do this. I do not remember this part or getting in the elevator. I have a slight memory of being in the hall on first floor as I turned the corner and a woman looking at me in shock. I stopped in the lobby and as it happened, the woman who was working there knew me from when we worked together at a different company in town. I was babbling about having been out of my body and that my lung needed to go back in place or I could die. She thought to herself that I was not acting right and looked at my hospital bracelet and called the fourth floor to see if they were missing a patient. When my husband arrived he was horrified when he saw me. He said I was all gray, shaking uncontrollably, breathing was really bad, and that I looked about 80 years old (I was about 47 at the time.) I was telling him that I could go home. I don't know if I meant home (my house) or Home Heaven.

A part that remains very clear to me (which seemed happened to me after my husband left but could have been before) was standing at my hospital window and talking with someone telepathically. I do not remember what I said (except at the end). At the end of the "conversation", I felt like my body was bending and folding into a small package and asked "what is happening am I dying?" I remember a thought that I needed to stay for my mother's sake as I was the daughter in town for her and she was ill. Anyway I fell back into myself. I know I did not climb into that bed. I was instantly there and was saying out loud "Thank you God for letting me live." Also I remembered not walking but seeming to be floating about 6 inches above the floor and like gliding.

The next day I had convinced myself that it must have all been a hallucination due to the vicadin. A few relatives were with me and I was crying. After they left and only my husband was with me, my roommate told me that earlier I had scared her as I looked like a ghost and seemed to be floating a few inches above the floor as I passed her bed to the bathroom. This surely made us gasp as that was how I had felt, but I was in my body at the time, so I can only surmise that angels were assisting me. Also, the doctor came in and told me that my lung was partially collasped. How I knew beforehand that my lung had to go back in place I do not know. (Interestingly I must add that a week before the surgery I just had the creeps about it which wasn't like me. I don't usually have intuition like that. I try to listen to my intuition more carefully now.)

Since I did not actually die, I did not see a tunnel or light as many NDE experiencers have. I have read many books and have been looking for someone who has had an experience similar to mine.


(I think you were out-of-body during the experience, and that you will remember more of what happened later.)


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