A Near Death Experience, No. 26.

Talked to Angel.

Has anyone had a NDE with an "Angel" present?

A non-visible person, that is to others, who cared for you and then disappeared when help arrived?

I was lying 2-5 hours in a tropical sun on a beach. I should have died or at least burnt -- but did not. The Angel talked to me. I saw my family and yet unborn first grandchild in my daughter's arms and then the tunnel with a glorious light at the end. And in the light I recognized my father and paternal grandmother -- dead since 5 and 40 years ago.

I was never frightened -- just a bit upset at the thought that I should never hold my grandchild. Then the light faded and my Father waved, smiled and left.

This was almost 5 years ago. I had a long painful recovery period -- I had been robbed and brutalized -- and I had changed, really. Anyone recognizes this?


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