A Near Death Experience, No. 259.

Jesus with the Biggest Smile.

This is not my nde account, but that of a friend's told to me over 30 years ago, and still fresh in my memory.

My friend had been in a car accident that sent her face through the windshield, and back out again. She was on the operating table when she died for about 5 minutes. She said she felt herself leave her body and was looking down at all the chaos going on and wondered who was that bloody mess lying on the table. It took her a while to realize it was her body, as she was watching all of this from the celling at the time. She then floated to a waiting room where she saw her family gathered and obviously very upset at the situation at hand. Her mother and father were crying, and she kept telling them she was ok but wasn't getting a response.

Then she said she went through the ceiling of that room and through the floors of the hospital to being outside and speeding towards the night sky. She passed planets and stars with great speed and found herself surrounded by all kinds of beautiful colors that she said were not like colors here on earth. She didn't have time to be scared, being enthralled by all she was seeing in this spectrum of colors. She then found herself going towards a bright light and when she got close to it she said there was Jesus with the biggest smile on His face and it was the most beautiful face she had ever seen. She said His hair was auburn and His eyes were green and His complexion was olive colored and before she could stop herself she said "Oh my God it's Jesus Christ"! Now you would have to know this woman to understand this being funny because she was the type of person who said "Oh my God" all the time. She said there was so much love radiating from Him that she wanted to stay in His presence forever. He then asked her telepathically if she wanted to stay, and of course she said "yes" but can I just go back to tell my parents I'm ok because they are very upset right now. With that thought she was back in her body and woke up three days later while it was raining outside and she said she had never seen the trees look more beautiful with the rain dripping from them and was very thankful to be alive.

Needless to say so were her parents thankful, but when she tried to tell them about meeting Jesus, of course they said it was just a dream or hallucination from the drugs given to her in surgery. She then told them about visiting the waiting room and was correct with naming all the people that were anxiously waiting to hear if she was going to live or not. This her parents had no explanation for, so they just told her to forget about it.

When her pastor visited, she gave it one more shot in telling him about it, thinking if anyone will believe me he will. Well he didn't believe her and said she shouldn't be saying such things because it was all just a reaction to the drugs, and if she continued to insist she would probably have to see a shrink because she was not dealing with the trauma, and losing touch with reality.

So needless to say she kept her mouth shut, but knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that what happened to her was real. She only spoke of it to people like myself whom she knew had an open mind and would not say it was from severe head trauma and many meds.

It took her a year to mend with more reconstructive surgeries and her memory was poor during this time, but when it came to that nde, a word of it never changed and she recalled it with no trouble at all. I for one believe her without a shred of doubt. And if you heard her tell it you would be crying right now because it was just that powerful and beautiful and I knew it was the absolute truth.

Jesus is real, folks. - T.


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