A Near Death Experience, No. 219.

I Saw Our Lord.

My NDE happened from a car accident when I was 17, in November 1972.

I was riding home with a classmate from high school. It was sleeting that night. I was thrown thru the windshield, and became unconscious.

That's when I saw the dark tunnel leading to the bright light. There were 2 people who helped me that night, and to this day I don't know who they were. It was a couple who stopped to take care of us. She was an RN. I've been told that this couple were angels.

I saw Our LORD that night. What a wonderful happening that was seeing HIM. I was ready to stay with HIM but HE had other plans for me. So here I am.

That night changed my life, and it was that night I decided to become a Nurse.



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