A Near Death Experience, No. 161.

Before I Was Born.

I have posted an NDE earlier, but I also have always had memories of existing before I was born.

When I was small, I could look at other people around me and recall whether I had "planned" with them in heaven before I was born. It does not happen nearly as often now. However, I have found two others whom I remembered from these memories which remember me also.

When we first found each other I cried for nearly a week, everyday. I was blown away with relief to know that I finally had proof that I was not crazy and that these things were not my imagination. I knew this, but after a few painful experiences from unbelieving friends I had resigned myself to that belief unless God brought it back into my life in a more obvious way.

Life is a beautiful thing for me. I know without a doubt that even my mistakes and downfalls have been taken into account for the benefit of myself and the entire world and universe and beyond.

Everything is completely under control. Everything within my life was planned and even my weaknesses were known and I was placed within this life because I was the perfect candidate for living this specific life both because of my strengths and weaknesses.


Gobs and Clumps of Love. T.A.


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