A Near Death Experience, No. 8.

What people ask about my NDE...

So There I Was, Dead. My Near Death Experience (All Rights Reserved)

I have to tell you, I am very tired of telling this story. I spent time writing this to save my breath. In the spirit of getting to the point, here is the story:

In 1996 I was in an awful car wreck. My Suzuki Samauri left the highway at 85 miles an hour, breaking my neck and throwing me 175 feet from the car. The officers and witnesses thought I was dead. I was in a coma three months following the wreck. I don't know when the NDE occurred. It may have been at the wreck, maybe when I disconnected myself from life-support while thrashing about, or when I flat-lined. At any rate, I saw some strange stuff.

This is the part that everyone asks about. There was no tunnel of light or angels. No devils either. It actually was very dark and very pleasant. I did not feel out of my body, I felt very much in my body, a spiritual body. There were other beings there. The best I can describe them is they looked like gas fumes. Some nice, others not so nice. A kindly soul that resembled a grandfather greeted me at what seemed to be a gate or a portal. I was having a good time despite how new this was and how much I was DEAD! I said (if said is the right word) 'Hey, cool! Give me the grand tour!' I was told that it was not the right time and I had a job to do on earth. He never told me what it was, but there was a strange understanding conveyed to me. I talked the being into giving me the cook's tour! Leave it to me to con a spiritual entity! After a very brief look around, I was whisked back to where I came. The coma, I think. Some time passed and I woke from the coma.

Since the coma, I have evaluated EVERYTHING. What was important? Family, love, creativity, and mankind was the impression I got. It changed my life forever. I was already sensitive to ESP but now I have a very keen awareness. It's very hard to have a bad day since then. Sure, many of my days since the wreck have been rough, but It's hard to cry about it when you realize you woke up breathing. I'm not afraid to die now, but I sure don't want to quite yet. It was a very wonderful thing. Everyone should do it (well, someday). --C.W.


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