Question 12 about Near Death Experiences.

Question: Do Near Death Experiences prove life continues after death?

Answer: Yes. The proof is simple and straightforward. The individual having the experience dies and then comes back to life. When he comes back to life he has information that was not available to him before he died. The only way this information could be in his possession is that he was alive after his physical death. It is true that not all NDEs produce this kind of information, but hundreds do. FAQ number 5 is an example of this.

Skeptics have no explanation for this so they usually argue that the patient was really semi-conscious at the time. This argument fails because the semi-consciousness state would have to go undetected by an array of the most modern monitoring equipment known to man, as well as a number of doctors and other trained personnel. In FAQ number 5, even if such a semi-consciousness existed (which it didn't), that would not explain the patient's ability to describe the physical features of the doctors and personnel present while he was dead.

Another, even weaker argument, is that human error was involved and the patient somehow obtain this information without the knowledge of the doctors and staff. This might have merit in one or two instances, but there are hundreds of accounts with this kind of information. It would not be possible that they all were human error.

A strong yes, Near Death Experiences do prove that life exists after death.


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