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The Greater Reality
(a parable)

The Greater Reality is a force of conscious energy, whose nature it is to explore, and learn about itself through creation. Thought is the tool of creation. Thought alters the frequency, amplitude, velocity, and density of energy to produce an unending variety of forms. Love is the bond that holds it all together. All creation is in love, and all things exist eternally within the Greater Reality, including ourselves. Though all inclusive, the Greater Reality is unconditional love, caring for all its creations personally, and is sometimes called God.

Now, the universe was created by lowering frequencies, and increasing densities to produce what we know as physical reality. If it could be seen, it would look like a projection of light from the surrounding spiritual energies into the physical energies. Starting at the higher frequencies, slowly stepping down into the lower. Sometimes these steps are called "planes" or levels. Each plane has its own activity, and is a rung up the ladder to spiritual maturation.

Our physical planet, Earth, is a stage, for us to create a physical life's play upon. We decide the role we will play, and what we hope to accomplish. We are allowed to change our role at any time. We are solely responsible for the content, acting, and production. We are free agents. The purpose is learning about ourselves through contact with others. In the spiritual world there are no "others;" while maintaining our individual awareness, we all exist in the Oneness. The journey through the physical may take many lifetimes, and many different roles. The more roles, the more learning, until the time arrives when we have mastered the course, and leave the physical planes behind.

From the viewpoint of the physical: life is real, challenging, difficult, and even dangerous at times. There is a duality of, win or lose, do or die, laugh or cry, all part of the school. From the viewpoint of the Greater Reality: our physical lives are perceptive illusions, for the purpose of growth.  




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Spirituality Protects Against End-Of-Life Despair

"A consensus may be developing that drug and alcohol treatment programs work best when they have a spiritual component," says a newspaper article.

Many of the most successful progams use spiritual teaching. Spirituality provides the anchor people need to help them through the rough times, providing incentive for changes they need to make. This is especially true with those near death. It brings comfort and peace in the time of greatest need.

The practice of believing in, and honoring a higher intelligence (God) goes back as far as mankind. From cave paintings through modern writing, God has been a part of the human existence on earth. Near Death Experiences prove there is a higher intelligence, and that we are loved and cared for by it. Those with problems need to know this. It provides a meaning and purpose to their existence and the incentive to change. NDEs have provided the incentive to change for all who experience them. I was not changed by my Near Death Experience. I saw within it the need to change, it was the most powerful incentive for change in my entire life.  




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More Truth.

"But, how will I know what the truth is," asked Luke.
"By its peace and calm, you will know it," answered Yoda.

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free." Jesus.
(Spiritual growth ultimately leads to personal freedom.)

Every day people stumble upon truth in their lives, but unfortunately, most just pick themselves up, and keep on going in the same direction as before.

You can find truth in many places: from the voices of children; from your critics; from the panhandler who asks for money; from the salesman you have been avoiding; from your boss and other "authority" figures that know less than you; and from those of different religions, different cultures than yourself.

Everyone has some truth for you. Listen carefully to all. Truth is limitless, and often comes when least expected.

Then, when truth is found -- live it. Walk in truth. Speak in truth. Act in truth. If you do this, more truth will appear; it is the way of truth to expand with use.  




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The above symbols are being used in the fight against fear for religious freedom by some spiritual groups on the web. The internet is home to virtually every way possible to honor God. New Age, Pagan, Wicca, Occult, Christian, and many others too numerous to name. All members of all religions are of equal worth, and loved by God equally. So, why do we fear each other?

It is unfortunate that fear is still being taught daily in the name of God. It is illogical to teach that God is love, then to say God condemns "xyz" people so we should be afraid of them, else God will condemn us also. God does not condemn anyone. We are all His children.

I see the fear when I talk about my Near Death Experience. The "superior smiles" from the scientist types; the "look of anxiety" from the religious. Talking about the Light, and Light Beings in the wrong places can lose you friends quick.

But, let's not fear each other. Let's replace our fear of others, with the love of God. God's love is unconditional and universal; all those who believe in God, believe also in God's love for everyone. If they don't they are only using God's name to justify their own prejudices.  




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War and Peace (1).

This is a true story of an incident that happened during World War I. The opposing armies fought from deep trenches dug in the ground. The trenches were not very far apart, you could hear the voices of the enemy on a clear night.

The Americans woke up one morning to see a large sign the Germans had posted in front on their trench. Justifying the rightness of their position, the sign read:

(God is with us)

The Americans, not to be outdone, quickly posted a sign of their own. The American's sign read:


Over the centuries, man has found many ways to justify, rationalize, and deny harmful behavior. The alcoholic denies he has a problem. The politician rationalizes his vote against medical care for the poor. The business man justifies his unfairness to employees. Gossip, lying, cheating, unkindness, and other unloving acts are nearly always explained away or "whitewashed." I believe we have all done this in one way or another. But, it does not make it right.

When we walk through death's door into the light, all denial disappears. In the presence of God's unconditional love there is nothing but truth. Postering, denial, rationalization, justification are impossible. There is only clarity of thought. With this clarity, you will judge yourself in a "Life Review." You will decide how you did, and what you need to do to improve. You will feel the distress of those harmed, and the gratitude of those helped. It will be your judgement day, by you. The fulfillment of the prophesy: "As ye judge others, so ye will be judged."  




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War and Peace (2).

This is another true story of an incident that happened during World War I. The opposing armies fought from deep trenches dug in the ground. The trenches were not very far apart, you could hear the voices of the enemy on a clear night.

It was after dark on Christmas eve. The fighting had stopped for the day, and the solders were eating or getting some sleep. When the Americans heard singing coming from the German trenches. The Germans were singing "Silent Night". They recognized the song by its music, the Germans were singing in their own language. So the Americans began singing "Silent Night" in English. Each side sang louder and louder trying to outdo the other.

Shortly, one or two Americans crawled up and outside the trench, so to sing louder at the Germans. Before long the Germans did the same. In time, there were dozens of solders from both sides standing outside the trenches singing at one another as loud as they could.

The two groups of solders gradually approached each other singing, until they were at arms length. Then a very strange, and wonderful thing happened. They stopped singing and started to talk with one another. Some of the Germans could speak English.

They built a fire and made coffee, they exchanged "Christmas presents" of food rations and drink. The Germans had beer. They looked at each other's family pictures, many shook hands and a few hugged each other. The war was forgotten, they were celebrating Christmas together. The party was joined by many solders from both sides.

Finally, the officers from headquarters heard about the party. They rushed down the trench rows from both sides shouting orders to return to the trenches, and stop "fraternizing with the enemy." The party was over, they were enemies again.

Everyone holds the light of God within. It is man's nature to love, he has to be taught to fear others. When will we stop teaching fear.  




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In the Greater Reality of spirit, there is no sex. No male or female. No gender, no marriage, no physical body. So sex presents no problems to anyone.

However, in the physical it is a bit different. Breathing, eating, and drinking keep our physical bodies alive; and sex keeps our species alive. The only reason sex exists is to produce a means of communication (body) for those entering the physical from the spiritual. Any use of sex other than this is superfluous.

Getting back to reality, sex is often used casually for recreation, or in the name of love. Love has no more to do with sex, than it does with eating and drinking. Love is the positive, attracting Force that is in all things. Love is spiritual, while sexual attraction is merely body chemistry. For this reason, I believe one should allow a relationship to mature in time, and mutual understanding before becoming intimate. Far too many have "gone to bed" and regretted it. Left with unwanted children to care for, and/or emotional and economic distress. Sex has some serious consequencies, think about it very carefully.

Now, because sex is serious business, many morals, and standards have appeared in our culture. Usually the religious community decides what these will be; and if these standards are not followed, one is often ostracized by the religious community, and condemned by the membership. Adultery, prostitution, homosexuality, abortion, sex out-of-wedlock, and divorce are some of the behaviors that have lead to this result.

However, God does not belong to any religion. He excludes, or condemns no one. We are all part of the Oneness that is God, and God lives within all of us equally. No individual, group, or organization can deny God to anyone.

Jesus (founder of Christianity) taught unconditional Love. He saved a prostitute from being stoned to death for her offense, then said: "Ye judge after the flesh; I judge no man". To be a "Christian" one should follow the teachings of Jesus and not condemn, but Love others.  




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There has never been a time our planet Earth could not supply food, clothing, and shelter to all God's children. Distribution has been the main problem. Partly because of demography, location of fertile lands, technology, and greed. These problems are now solvable with the technology at hand, only the heart is faint.

Some focus on building physical wealth. Accumulating hoards of money and resources far beyond their needs. This gives them positions of power and fame. They will take none of these things into the Greater Reality when their time here is up. Their life was wasted. Others focus on helping and serving others, sometimes forgoing their own comforts for the comforts of others. They will take the love and gratitude of many with them into the Greater Reality when their time here is up. Their life was fruitful.

Most of us fall in the "middle." We try to earn as much money as we can, but are still sensitive to the needs of others, helping out when we can. The good we do determines the "level" we will reach in the spirit world. The more we Love, the higher we go, and the brighter our Light within becomes. So, those who are first in the physical will be last in the spiritual; and those who are last in the physical will be first in the spiritual. God is the greatest of all, because He serves all. Without God nothing exists.  




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Love should never be self-sacrificing. If you try to give to much of yourself, you will only tire out and become sick. In this condition you can't help anyone. Love begins at home. Learn to love yourself first, branching out to family, friends, and finally the world.

Give what you can. By percentage of income, the poor give much more of their resouces to others than the rich. Being closer to the problem, their understanding is greater. Mother Teresa would turn down large gifts from the rich on occasion, if she felt their giving was tokenism for the purpose of being known as generous. The Holy Mother asked those who gave to her work to come and work with her; side by side, to see and feel the blessings their money provided.

Not all can give money. But all can give something of themselves. Everyone needs encouragement, a smile of approval, a pat on the back. I read the story of a man, dying from cancer, going from city to city teaching about Angels. He has been a source of hope to thousands of people. I read another story of a woman, bedfast for years, who showed so much love to visitors that some were healed in her presence. Love everyone as much as you can, you'll be happier for it.  




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Death is many things, but never an end.

Death is a passage back to the spiritual. It is a waking up from the physical dream. When one has a Death Experience the body shuts down, and the consciousness expands into the divine Light from which it came. In the Light of Love all knowledge is available, all is peace and calm. There is a complete clarity of thought.

If the body revitalizes (NDE), consciousness returns, but is never it's old narrow self again. Life is perceived with a new understanding, a fresh vision. There is a period of adjustment. New friends must be found to share the experience. Sometimes, new vocations, and life styles developed. It is a "born again" feeling, a new lease on life. The old limitations are gone, dust of the ignorant past. Life is not only livable, but joyous.

If the body doesn't revitalize, consciousness remains in the spiritual. The past life is seen and reviewed with a new clarity of thought. Plans may be made for future lives, or one may just enjoy the "many mansions" of the Greater Reality for a few centuries. Boredom doesn't exist, there is much to learn and experience. Life is joyous. It is a win win situation.  





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