Thinking of Nature 39.


Humankind's original or natural condition.

I read the story of a Native American lad who watched his grandfather walk down to a cold, clear stream of water every morning and look into the forest. "Grandfather would stare through the morning mist into the forest for a long time, and when he turned to come back to the lodge his eyes were filled with tears." At first the lad thought his grandfather was sad, but came to understand it was just the opposite. Tears of joy ran down his grandfather's cheeks, at the wonderment of nature. Spend some time with nature, even if it's at the Zoo. There is a quieting, calming, peaceful effect of being in the woods, surrounded by trees, flowers and other beauty. Sitting for awhile where you become a part of the greatness of all things.

"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."

William Shakespeare, Dramatist and poet
considered to be the greatest English playwright, 1564-1616



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