Thinking of Timing 38.


To cause to keep time with something.

Being there at the right time, in the right place wins the prize. Many believe this kind of timing is luck, good fortune that comes to others, but never to them. But, that is wrong. Nary a day passes that doesn't contain opportunities for us to grow, learn, and take advantage of the events happening around us. We don't see them because we are not looking for them. We believe it can't happen for us, so we give up and plod along with blinders obscuring our visions. Blinders are nothing but negative beliefs we need to change into positive beliefs. Start today, looking for your good fortune, believe in yourself. Whether you desire knowledge, wisdom or wealth know it is within your grasp on a daily basis.

"Time is the great art of man."

Napoleon Bonaparte
French Emperor (1769-1821)



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