Thinking of Spiritual Growth 22.

Spiritual Growth.

Walking the path of unconditional Love.

Why? To become more like the Father, our Creator, to share His love and light with others, which in itself is the greatest reward we can ever receive. God is unconditional love. We walk the spiritual path to learn how to love unconditionally as He does. It is not an easy path, many times we must decide for love against our feelings of anger, jealousy, or self-righteousness. But the more we do choose love, the easier it will become. Our task is to forgive, return good for evil, and to go the second mile. Every small task of kindness we give is noticed by the One who cares the most. Learn to love more today.

"Lasting enlightenment or true spiritual growth can be achieved
only through persistent exercise of real love."

M. Scott Peck



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