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Inner Communication.
I am a 51 year old Armenian man came to US 19 years ago from Iran. I was born and raised in a Northwesten Iranian town called Rezaiyeh, where the following incidence took place:

I was about 12 and asked my mom one day to give me some money to go to the movies. She refused as usual and I was so upset that she does it every single time I ask for a little change. There was a little local grocery store that we used to buy the daily groceries from. The grocer had a little note book to write down the unpaid grocery or lended little cash that sometimes housewives borrowed from the store. I went to the grocery and said to the grocer that my mom wants to borrow 30 Rials (Of course I lied to him). He gave me three 10 Rial coins and wrote it down in that book. Movies were three classes: 5, 10 and 15 Rials and we usually only could afford the 5 Rial class.

This time I bought a 10 Rial ticket and spent the 20 Rials on buying food. I spent and entertained myself very generously as I was very angry and I didn't think of the consequences of such act.

Within 10 minutes of sitting in the movies I cooled down and realized what I have done. I said myself: What am I gona do now. They will find out sooner or latter and they will punish me. I was so afraid of my mom and my older brothers. Then I had an inner communication and I wished to extend my left hand and find the money between the two chairs. I extended my hand and to my surprise I found 3 of the 10 Rial coins stacked on the top of each other exactly the way I had thought. I was so surprised and overwhelmed by this, I couldn't watch the movie and I rushed out and took the money to the grocery and paid back.

I told this story to many people and I cannot understand it even with my Structural Engineering degree and all the logic and science that I have learned in my life.

I only can say that this is a miracle. A higher power just sent me a message letting me know that I am not alone.



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