permanent board, for Miracles 05.

Message from God.
I had a miracle happen to me recently.

I was sitting in church one Sunday during Mass. I was by myself and a few pews from the front. At one point I happened to look down at my hands and my mind wondered. "These hands don't look very good", I thought, "they are not young looking and pretty anymore".

Just then I looked up toward the alter and a very bright light was all around me, within my eyesight. Right away I heard a strong, authoritative voice in my head which said, "it does not matter what your hands look like, it is the work your hands do which is beautiful, and the work of the hands of all who are here".

I did not want to move my eyes because I did not want to loose the light, but I wanted to look at the person next to me and had the urge to ask her what she does for a living. As I moved my eyes to my neighbor the light stayed with me but slowly faded away.

I'll never forget this, and think about it often.


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