permanent board, for Miracles 04.

Loved by God.
First, I'd like to say that this site has to be my favorite on the web.
Thank you.

I'd like to tell you the miracle I experienced.

I was driving home one night after partying, and really should not have been on the road. I got in my car, and prayed to make it home safely. I told God that I was so sorry, and really needed some assistance. I soon felt someone behind me, as if I was on someone's lap, and his arms were wrapped around me, and this presence drove me home.

I think it was God, I felt so loved and forgiven. Since then, I've been more spiritual than ever. I also don't drink more than an occasional glass of wine. God is so awesome, and I thank Him all the time. The miracle is that He has made me feel so happy, and gave me another chance without having to go through a devastating accident to learn. Praise be to the Lord!!!

God Bless You,


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