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Accident and Tornado.
When I was about two or three years old, I was riding along with my Dad and someone stopped suddenly and Dad stopped to avoid hitting the car in front of us. I did not stop, and saw I was going face first toward the hard metal dash of Dad's '49' Plymouth. I heard a voice say "Go there" I was looking at the floor of the car and I dove for the floor. I came to with Dad trying to carefully pick me up from the floor. I was not hurt in the least and was very excited about what "HE" told me to do and told Dad that "He told me to 'Go there' and I did and I didn't get hurt". Dad gave me a look (frowning unbelief) and we were on our way.

Another similar incident happened in 94'. I was in my trailer and noticed the lights flash and looked out the window and saw lightning flash on both sides of a dark "V" shape (tornado). I got my clothes on and went to my car, it was locked and I could hear the trailers coming apart and the roar of the wind closing in on me. I thought "I need to get in a ditch". I looked down to my left and and heard "bush" so I layed on the ground and held on for dear life. The first thought was I was going to get crushed by my car turning over on me. I cried out "Help me Jesus". The next thought was I was going to be struck in the head with a board coming through the bush. I cried out "Help me Jesus" the next thing was I was going to be pulled from the bush by the strong winds, I cried out "Help me Jesus". In less than two seconds the wind ceased and the rain calmed down to a drizzle.


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