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Poems and Stuff / What is the Kundalini Awakening? essay
« Last post by angelbearbp on April 18, 2015, 06:25:31 PM »
                        Here is an essay I wrote after researching so much for my own awakening! Enjoy!
                                                        What is The Kundalini Awakening?

                                                                        Britney Pieta

I’d like to start my explanation of Kundalini by explaining the Hindu myth of the god Shakti, the god of the cosmic dance and the groom who longs to be joined by his lover the goddess Shakti. The goddess Shakti lies asleep at the base of the spine. Shakti works her way up each chakra, which are the points of the reawakening situated in the body along the backbone, (Psychonautsdocs, 2014).

The Kundalini awakening is the realization of one’s true nature as a divine being in a physical experience. It is an upgrade to the brain and nervous system, allowing you to experience life in the physical realm even more wonderfully. It is also the fire of the divine. It does not happen out of our own will. When God wills it and if the conditions in your body, mind, and soul allow it, it will be switched on like a light switch. It is the birth of a new Buddha in the world. Therefore, it can be considered a rare experience but is available to everyone, even the most considered ordinary among us, (ChakraHealing, 2015).

One thing to take notice is that it does not awaken “by accident,” even spontaneous experiences. Sexual tantra can never alone awaken the birth of a new master. The Kundalini process can take months or years, (Facebook, ) For me, the Kundalini awakening syndrome took years for it to develop causing a whole host of symptoms. Then you must also consider the amount of time it takes after it starts rising to be complete. The Kundalini can arise from a number of reasons such as yoga, NDE’s, grief, drugs, trauma. The Kundalini can cause confusion of psychoses or mental health problems, (Psychonautsdocs, 2014).

When the Kundalini is rising, you will start to experience love-bliss once it reaches your heart chakra. But you will never experience divine love-bliss until the energy reaches your brain, (Love-bliss, 2015).

A very important fact is that whatever you have stored inside of you at the time of the Kundalini awakening will be magnified. The Kundalini intensifies both your positive and negative traits. That is why it is important to release your negative issues and traits before you attempt to awaken yourself. The Kundalini energy is fertilizer and feeds what it is presented with and takes no bias about what is hidden there, (ChakraHealing, 2015).

The dying ego may see the energy as demonic. A surgeon may cause pain initially, but the end result is the healing of the body, leaving the person healthier ultimately. This is the real purgatory. The throat chakra is the bridge that separates the earthly realm or the body with the higher chakras or the head. The energy cleanses each chakra as it goes up. Trauma and past sins are churned up. The journey from earth to hell to heaven is the 33 vertebra along the spinal column. This is significant as Jesus died at 33 and represents the death we go through during Kundalini, (KundaliniConsortium, 2013).

If God wishes you to become one of this planet’s new masters, it can take around 7 to 12 years of practicing tantra just for the awakening of the first vertebra. But it can happen quicker depending on God’s will. You are always linked with the true masters in the invisible realm. Each vertebra is a temple that requires specific states of freedom in the mind, heart, and soul before the Kundalini can rise through it. Kundalini is the most difficult path in the world. But, it creates the type of heroes the world so desperately needs, (Facebook, 2013).

Even kundalini has a biology to how it physically works. Those with sensitive nervous systems, high energy, trauma damaged nervous systems, highly stressed, and psychic sensitivity are more likely to experience an awakening. Full myelination occurs in the early twenties and a lot of people have their first awakening at 27-29 years. The general periods for a full-on awakening are 2 years, 6 month apex, 3 years peak, 5 years recovery. However, awakenings come in all shapes and sizes. The peak-apex of a mature awakening is usually around 6 months, the awakening itself is usually around 3 years, then the assimilation phase is perhaps around 5 years, (BiologyofKundalini, 2006).

The first phase of Kundalini is the shock of awakening. The awakening of Kundalini appears to be a major autonomic shock to the whole organism. The shock, panic, anxiety and depression can occur regardless of the conditions in one's life or the personal contents of one's mind, (BiologyofKundalini, 2006).

After the big high and thrill of spiritual awakening, the released energy will continue to work strongly in the brain and body, going into deeper layers which will go on for many months. As this happens ego tends to activate strongly as old memories and emotions are brought up from the depths. It is a normal process that one loses interest in old friends, family values, geographical location, money, possessions, beliefs, religious attachments, habits and career interest, (BiologyofKundalini, 2006).

The ego disappears in these extreme experiences because of the extreme energy going through the hindbrain, sensory-motor cortex and limbic brain, (BiologyofKundalini, 2006).

As the Kundalini moves through the miasmas (repressed, damaged, latent) areas in the brain, we might feel the emotions connected with each developmental arrest. The miasmas were created in stress and in stress they are transmuted. Depression might result after the over-stimulation of the brain's pleasure centers and increase in endorphins, during the bliss of Kundalini, (BiologyofKundalini, 2006).

Kundalini has various symptoms on all levels of a person’s being. The symptoms of Kundalini can be of a physiological nature: trembling, tingling sensations, involuntary sudden movements of the body, spasms, cramps, depersonalisation, depression and an altered breathing rate. You may also experience various mystical experiences such as tones, flashing lights, rushes of internal wind, numbness, tingling, going out of body, insights, crystal clarity, visions, repressed memories, telepathy, hyper-hearing, enhanced vision, loss in weight, elation, laughing, etc. The majority of these symptoms are a side-effect due to a biological transformation process going on in your body which is changing the whole make-up of your nervous system. Other symptoms may include intense heat, illness, feelings of oneness, intense inner battles, insomnia, pressure, orgasm, pain, joy, periods of extreme energy and lethargy, lucid dreaming, numbness, spasms, palpitations, and roller-coaster emotions, (ChakraHealing, 2015).

The Kundalini energy is not always blissful or peaceful. In order to balance oneself in the physical reality and not be overtaken by bliss a person must enhance their adaptive-ego such as doing activities that require concentration, movement, or fine-coordination practices. There is a reduction in the left-brain function of mathematics, thinking, and memory because of the energy changes from the Kundalini energy, (BiologyofKundalini, 2006).

There are some of us who have spontaneous awakenings. All spiritual teachers agree that it is dangerous to try to awaken Kundalini energy without guidance. If you are awakened by a guru, you can avoid the extremely intense and unwanted effects of a spontaneous awakening, (ChakraHealing, 2015).

I would like to conclude by saying that the Kundalini awakening experience is the ultimate evolution of a human being. It is one of the paths that lead to enlightenment, but not the only path to enlightenment. It is a journey filled with bliss and pain and not for the faint of heart. The Kundalini awakening can awaken the siddhas. One must be careful to not let the prospect of having spiritual powers or psychic abilities detract from their spiritual growth. If you remember that the Kundalini experience is for everyone and does not make you any more special than anyone else, you will handle the aftereffects wisely. You will be inspired to help the rest of humanity join you in this transformative state of consciousness, (ICRCanada, 1989).

Who knows maybe God wanted you to experience the Kundalini awakening so you could become a great teacher, genius, or spiritual master? Remember you are a spark of divine consciousness sent to light up the other sparks of divine consciousnesses to reach their full spiritual potential.


Poems and Stuff / Our Soul's Life Plan video
« Last post by angelbearbp on April 11, 2015, 06:18:51 PM »
An interesting video about pre-life plans!


Does Our Soul Plan Life's Challenges Before Birth? Robert Schwartz Interview
Poems and Stuff / Re: Healing for Criminals book passage
« Last post by Sam on March 26, 2015, 08:39:52 PM »
Hi Angelbear

Showing compassion for others is great.
I love you
Poems and Stuff / Healing for Criminals book passage
« Last post by angelbearbp on March 26, 2015, 08:15:11 AM »
Hello everyone!

An interesting perspective on how criminals need just as much healing as the rest of us!


                                                                        Healing for Criminals

Do we solve this problem by putting people in prisons where many are further abused? Imprisonment might serve many valid purposes, but healing isn’t one of them. Criminals are as much in need of healing as victims. Unless their healing is addressed , hatred and violence are likely to continue . The tragedy of the criminal justice system is that we don’t help this population, which is so much in need of our help. We’ve seen how the soul heals people by providing a nurturing environment and role models and opportunities to develop some talent or skill to build self?esteem. We know these ingredients are healing— we apply them in healing the victims. Why is it so hard to see that criminals need the same help as part of their rehabilitation? Fear of our own dark side causes us to treat criminals as if they were subhuman or as if their ignorance and imperfections were contagious. Fear is at the root of our treatment of them, just as it is at the root of their treatment of others. This fear prevents us fromfeeling the compassion that all human beings deserve. How can we claim to be worthy of being their wardens when we can’t do it compassionately? They might not deserve freedom, but they do deserve our compassion and help. As it is, our treatment of them heaps more injury on them , only delaying the healing that could be begun.

Lake, Gina (2013-11-18). Sojourn: Karma, Reincarnation, and the Evolution of the Soul (p. 187). Endless Satsang Foundation. Kindle Edition.

Poems and Stuff / Give Your Best in Everything motivational essay
« Last post by angelbearbp on March 12, 2015, 11:39:58 PM »
Here is a motivational essay to inspire you!



Give Your Best in Everything
By Britney Pieta

Many of us forget how many ordinary situations we are in where we can give our best in….We think it is limited to one place such as in a job… a speech….taking a test…Or we think that we should only give our best when we feel like it….or for something really important when the situation demands it…We fail to realize that to enjoy life to the fullest we need to give the best of ourselves 100% in everything we do.

You may ask yourself, “Why is it important to give my 100% best, all the time? Doesn’t that get tiring?”….The question you should be asking is, “What am I doing with the energy God place inside of me while I am on earth? Am I using it all for myself or am I giving it all in a variety of ways, places, and to all kinds of people to the fullest extent possible?” The cool thing about giving your love in everything you do is that it increases your energy in the long run, because what you give away comes back to you. It also inspires other people to put forth their best effort. “If you are faithful with little, you will be faithful with many.”

So remember to give it your all so you can have the fullest of life and not have wasted a single drop of talent, ability, or inner qualities God has placed inside of you.
Post Inspirational Material Here / Re: Happy video
« Last post by Sam on February 25, 2015, 05:39:23 PM »
It is a lot of fun and real also.

Post Inspirational Material Here / Happy video
« Last post by Joost on February 25, 2015, 02:20:13 AM »
Here's a video that will really make you feel happy.


love, joost
Poems and Stuff / Re: Snow poem
« Last post by Sam on February 23, 2015, 06:15:32 PM »
That poem is professional, sounds great and why don't you
enter it in a poetry contest. I love it.

Poems and Stuff / Snow poem
« Last post by angelbearbp on February 22, 2015, 09:13:39 PM »
Hello everyone, here is a poem I wrote for this season of winter.


Britney Pieta

I reach my hands up to the sky,

The coolness of the wind invigorates my senses,

I let out a long and contented sigh.

The snow swirls and dances all around me like a grand orchestra,

I am caught up in a whirlwind of child-like delight and ecstasy,

As I watch nature unfold and let loose its full majesty.

The snowflakes find their way to rest all over me,

Giving me tiny little white flowers in my hair,

Making me feel like a beautiful winter snow queen.

The snow decorates the ground like sparkling fairy dust on the floor,

Making a soft blanket for the earth below,

Creating a beautiful white wonderland at the amazement of my soul.

I like this a lot.
You are very good.

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