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Title: Wisdom of Deepka Chopra
Post by: Sam on January 23, 2008, 11:04:43 PM

A scientist by the name of Herbert Specter did an experiment about 20 years ago. He was at the National Institute of Health, head of Molecular Biology. In this particular experiment he gave mice an injection of a chemical called Polyisee which stimulates the immune system. He had the mice smell camphor at the same time. After a while the mice would smell camphor and it would stimulate the immune system. He took some other mice and gave them psychlophosphamite which is a chemical that destroys the immune system and had them smell camphor at the same time. And they smell camphor and they destroy the immune system. Here's 2 groups of mice now. One that smells camphor and stimulates the immune system. One that smells camphor and destroys the immune system.

In one group of mice if you give them pneumococcide they get pneumonia and die of it very quickly. If you give them carcinogens, they get cancer and die of it very quickly. In the other group nothing happens. And what's the crucial difference between survival and death in these mice? It's the interpretation of the memory of the smell of camphor.

Is this relevant to us? You bet it is. Because like those mice, we too have conditioned ourselves to respond to memories in a certain way. We link stimuli to certain memories and every time we're exposed to those stimuli we reinterpret the universe and ourselves according to the memories. We become the victim of the stale repetition of outworn memories.

It's estimated that the average human has 60,000 thoughts a day. This is not surprising. What is disconcerting is that 90% of the thoughts you have today are the ones you had yesterday.