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Title: Would You like to help
Post by: Sam on May 24, 2011, 09:13:32 PM
Name: Nadia Izakson

Email Address:

Web Site:

Comments: I am a casting producer working for a documentary television production company called NHNZ which is currently seeking candidates for the second season of its highly successful series:  I Survived...Beyond and Back.

This is a prime-time series that airs on A&E Networks' "The Biography Channel."  Season 1 premiered in December of 2010 with the highest ratings of any new show ever to premiere on the BIO channel and features intimate stories told by those people who have been pronounced clinically dead but have returned to life and have profound and meaningful experiences in the afterlife.  The program is very tastefully done with great care taken to maintain authenticity of the story and dignity of each person involved in the experience. 

If you know any survivors who have had NDEs (particularly those of the last 10-15 years) that you think might be interested in appearing on the show, please feel free to forward this email and my contact information.  I would be happy to speak with anybody who might like to take a few moments to share their story.

For those who would like to contact me, I just ask for a brief email with the following information:

Full Name:
Current Age:
Age& year at time of NDE:
Home city and state:
Phone and best time to reach you:
Email address:
Brief description of your survival story and NDE:

Thank you so much for your help!  I look forward to speaking with you and your members soon.