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Title: Evidence of God
Post by: Sam on March 30, 2007, 07:08:52 PM


Depending on whose research you read: 80 to 94 percent of all people believe in God. It is true that many inherited those beliefs from their parents, but most think there is plenty of evidence that God exists. Miracles, visions, dreams, and experiences like out-of-body and near death experiences have convinced many of the existence of God. We look at our world and see the order and beauty of it. So there is plenty of evidence that God exists to believers. I realize that evidence is not good enough for science. But as for me I don't care that science says there is no God, I experience God on a daily basis. I experience the Oneness of all things, the love and compassion of living in this physical life. To me that is plenty of evidence. I am sorry you can't feel it or see it. Some religions call it enlightenment. Some conversion. But it is very real to those that experience it.

Helen Keller, blind and deaf as an infant. Her teacher could not communicate with her in any way. So the teacher would stick her hand into a bucket of water, then write the word WATER on the palm of her hand. Helen couldn't make the connection between the water on her hand and the word written in her palm. For 18 months, every day, the teacher would allow her to experience water and then write the word water on the palm of her hand. Then one day is happened, she understood the connection between the experience of water and the word water written on her palm. For that point on her life change dramatically because she could communicate with her teacher.

That is what enlightenment is all about, one day it happens and you know who you are and what you are doing here. You can communicate with God. Science will never change that no matter how much it preaches there is no God.