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Author Topic: Dreams  (Read 1008 times)

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« on: October 05, 2011, 01:04:12 AM »

In the past six months I’ve had two dreams that have been puzzling me. The dreams both seemed to be about death. I'd like to share them here on this board.

In the first dream I was standing on the bank of a river. The river was so broad that I couldn’t see the other side. I had to cross the river in a little boat. It was a beautiful quiet river with swirling colors of yellow and green, but there was an atmosphere of profound loneliness, it was so lonely there that it was almost unbearable. Towards the other side of the river loneliness even seemed to deepen. I knew I had to cross the river but I didn’t dare to, I was too afraid of this complete and utter loneliness (although I vaguely remember that at the beginning of the dream I already was in the boat in the middel of the river). Suddenly my mother was there with me. We talked about me going to the other side, and I said: I’m so afraid mum. Then she said: ‘well, we all have to go sometime’. Then all I can remember is me saying I love you mum, then I woke up. I could still feel that terrible loneliness.
In the other dream I was flying around in a place that was full of love and joy. There was someone there with me I knew and we were so full of joy and happiness. We were playful like children. One of the strange things about this world was that it somehow seemed to be a part of me I just had discovered. What I especially remember of this place that it was really VAST, so vast that compared to it our world would seem no bigger than the tip of a needle. There were also many small things or beings that looked like small sparkles. They were giving me these knowing smiles and winks. I’ve seen these smiles and winks before in other spiritual experiences. They’re really saying:  ‘don’t worry, you and I know that everything is just a game, a joke’. Then I moved back to a point where I could see what I saw was my life. Seen from that vast world my life seemed no more than a dark, sombre and very confined place. What slightly worried me at that point was that it seemed completely ok to choose against this life and all responsibilities involved. There would be no moral judgement involved at all if I’d do that. Eventually this worried me so much that I hurried back toward my life, which was kind of a struggle. Then I woke up. During the rest of the day I was rather confused. The feeling of the vastness of this world has stayed with me even up till now.

Love, Joost
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« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2011, 02:15:45 AM »

Your dream sounded a lot like a near death experience to me. There was great insight in it and maybe a longing to go home, away from this life of loneliness and strife. But still a fear of crossing over which your mother tried to reassure you about. It is a lovely dream, full of love and hope for the future. I would just enjoy it for what it was, and you are right, there is no judgment on the other side, one is safe and secure. I hope this will help.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. -- George Carlin
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