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Author Topic: Two NDE's, and several later "Encounters" has changed my life  (Read 1519 times)

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« on: February 04, 2011, 07:57:36 AM »

When I was thirteen, I was swimming with a friend and my little brother at a pond that was the result of gravel removal for freeway construction.  The sides of this pond (which was about five acres in size) was almost straight down from the bank, about 150 feet deep.  We used to play a game where one would grab a large boulder and jump in to see how far you could go down.

On one of my attempts to go as far down as possible, I actually went too far.  I remember it getting very dark and cold, and I let go of the boulder and looked up.  There was just a light the size of a flashlight at the top of the water.  I realized I was in trouble almost immediately as I already needed to breathe.  I kicked my feet as hard as I could, trying to reach the surface.  When I was still probably 15 or 20 feet from the surface, I could not hold my breathe any longer, and instinctively gulped in water as my lungs were burning.

To this day, I have no conscious memory of coming to the surface, or the rest of that day's events.  For a few days after that, I kept thinking about it, and I finally asked my friend if he had pulled me out of the water.  He gave me a puzzled look and said "What are you talking about?"  I had a similar experience with my little brother, so I just didn't mention it to them again.  I would not find out what happened on that day for 44 years, which I will describe later.  I might mention that before this event, I was a Christian, but over the next two or three years after, I migrated to being an agnostic.  I questioned in my mind, if there was a God I thought, give me some proof and I will believe.  I didn't know why I had changed my beliefs, it was just something inside of me that I didn't understand.

February 12th, 2000 I started to get sick, head was spinning, nauseous, accompanied with a fever.  I figured I was just coming down with the flue and I would be better in a day or two.  On the 13th, I was very confused, all I could do was go sit in a warm bath, but I started to vomit, and it was obviously blood.  I knew somewhere in my head that I had to go to the hospital, but the confusion kept me from calling anyone, so I just laid in bed and must have fallen to sleep at some point.  I awoke about ten the next morning, and vomited blood again. 

After what was about two hours later, instead of calling for help, I somehow drove myself the ten miles to the hospital, but I have no memory of that trip.  I do remember walking into the ER, and the man at the desk asked me what was wrong with me and my reply was "Sick".  He told me to wait in the seating area, I noticed there were probably fifteen or twenty people in the waiting area, and my first thought was I don't know if I can wait that long.  I was kind of leaning forward in the chair and thinking I really don't feel good.  The next thing I remember was being on a gurney in this little stainless steal room (probably an elevator), surrounded by at least ten people all frantically doing stuff, I wasn't sure what they were doing.  I was only conscious for a minute or so, and then everything went black, and then it went this kind of white, not like a light, but an indescribable tone of white I had never seen before.   I felt absolutely wonderful, my initial thought was that the doctors had done a great job, I didn't feel as if I had ever been sick.

I had a feeling of love, compassion and complete acceptance by who ever was with me.  I knew I was not alone, but I saw no one, just this 'warmer' light in the already wonderful light, it seemed to beckon to me to come closer, that is when I realized I was not in my body, I also was a light, but I could move quite freely wherever I wanted to.  I went to the warm light, and as I got closer, I was almost overwhelmed with love, it was EUPHORIC. 

This "Being" began to communicate the wonders of the Universe to me, not with a voice, but in my soul, it's like I understood everything without ears or a body!  He told me of the atrocities perpetrated in the name of God on this world, and that mankind on this world had become a "Cancer" upon the Universe.  He kept saying it is very important you remember what I am telling you, you have a job to do.  This seemed to go on for ever, there was no sense of time, it was as if it didn't exist in this dimension, or world, or...I don't know what to call it, but it was truly fantastic where ever it was.  I felt like I was finally home, that this was where I was supposed to be all along.

I awoke to the conscious world in a bed, and after surveying the area and all the tubes and monitors hooked up to me, I realized I was in ICU at the hospital, and it was now the fifteenth of February.  I immediately felt horrible again, and at that point, I said to no one, "I'm ready to go, let me go back!" 

Come to find out, I was diabetic, my blood sugars were 950, and the Doctor said he didn't know how I survived, let alone drive to the hospital.  He told me the reason I was vomiting up blood was because my blood had been so acidic that it was literally eating me from the inside out.  I was very weak for about a year after that, it was all I could do to maneuver the grocery store.

For some reason, what the Entity told me went to the back of my mind, and even though I remembered the 'event', I wasn't sure I had remembered everything right.  About seven and a half years later, the same "Entity" started coming to me, not in a dream, but in the daytime when I was wide awake reading or watching TV.  Again he told me all that he (I say he, but there was never any sense of a gender, either now or previous) had told me when I was in the hospital. 

When he first started to communicate with me, I was skeptical if it was real, or maybe I was going crazy.  I began to ask for proof of this Entities actual being here.  I cannot describe the first proof, but let me say that I kept having a premonition, and it came to past exactly as I had seen it.  I was shown several pictures of different people, no one I had ever seen before.  After a while, I became interested in a couple of these pictures, and asked to see more.  Both times I asked, I was suddenly in the body of the people I had been looking at, and as I later found out, these pictures were just before these people, ME, died.  The first one was a woman of about twenty eight or so.  I had three children, two boys and a girl, but on my forth pregnancy, the baby boy was still born, and I bled to death, actually a very peaceful death, I just went to sleep.  Judging by my dress and the building, I would guess this was somewhere in the fifteenth or sixteenth century Europe. 

The second picture I looked at was a young Native American boy, 5 or 6 years old.  I can say that I was a Hopi Indian living in what I think was Arizona, but the details of my death at such an early age, and the savagery of it is more than I can write about without crying and reliving the horrible emotions I went through.

To make a long story short( not much chance of that), I finally was re-given all the information from my NDE, and was encouraged to put it in print.  So in 2009, I started writing "Universe The Entities", and published it as an E-Book last September.  At first I had many references to my experiences in the writing, but was subsequently told "This isn't about you!"  So most references of my experiences are removed.  The only part of my experiences that are in the book are when I describe "Awakening" an Eternal (what I call them).

As I said at the beginning, I will complete the NDE I had when I drowned.  I asked the Entity what had happened back when I was thirteen, and as in some instances, instead of saying anything to me, I was just suddenly back there in my young body.  I went through the same panic and despair that I had gone through so many years earlier.  Only this time I found out what had happened.  Right after I had taken in the gulp of water, everything went dark, and then I was completely surrounded by this same loving light I had experienced in the hospital, and I felt what I thought were hands on the bottom of my feet.  They were propelling me at a tremendous speed to the surface of the pond, so fast in fact, when I reached the surface, I literally flew out of the water like a porpoise.  I was only about six feet from the bank, and I got to it spitting up water and trying to catch my breathe.  When I was finally able to stand up, I saw my brother and friend about fifty feet away throwing rocks out in the pond, that is why neither of them knew anything about my near drowning.

For some reason, these Eternals have always taken care of me, there are several other times in my life that should not have turned out good.  Over the couple of years these Beings have been communicating with me, I have found that we can talk like we are brothers, as a matter of fact, they always call me their brother.  I asked them if they were gods, and the answer was no, they are only a part of the ultimate Entity, the Universe in it's totality, as myself and all other souls are a part of the ultimate Entity!
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