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Author Topic: "Cause You Are Watching Over Me," song -- my gardians  (Read 1600 times)
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« on: November 18, 2010, 03:50:09 AM »

I have two guardians; I met them in an astral dream/OBE. This was in the early 80's when I had a few experiences with OBEs and since then I've had no experience more sublime than one about five years ago when I was walking on clouds (rapturous that was). The experience was different from an ordinary dream in the sense that it was more rational and less desultory than they are. Events transpired in a logical order rather than jumping about without a thread of connection.

The environment was ethereal having no scenery other than the individuals who interacted there: myself, the two guardians and later a third person. I do not recall that I had a body at all, although that wasn't anything that concerned me, so perhaps I did. The guardians were dressed in robes like you would expect to see with ancient Romans or monks (perhaps they were of the monkish type). They conversed with me telepathically--there were no words spoken. I do not remember anything that was discussed; however, at the end of this convocation I had the impression they disapproved of the way I was conducting my life. That was certainly understandable; I had dropped out of university a decade before, and since then I hadn't been making much progress fulfilling any ambitious goals.

Following this discussion I was taken to meet with another individual. This person is one that anyone would recognize considering he's an icon of the modern world: Albert Einstein. What I remember about the short encounter with Einstein was his appearance: He was just the head of the famous scientist, the face and voluminous hair were pronounced, and he was LARGE. I asked Einstein if he knew me, and he confirmed that he did. Einstein spoke to me as the others did via telepathy without words and the first thing he said was more of an emotion than an utterance--he shrugged off the reproachful attitude of my guides. Then he said something that although communicated telepathically was exactly these words: "You have spent ten thousand dollars over the weekend." Well, that concludes the experience, except for the meaning of the ten thousand dollars. Upon awakening, I knew nothing about what it could have meant. I was dirt poor at the time since I was living with my parents and my father had just filed bankruptcy. The meaning transpired within the next few days. Shortly after this experience I enrolled in a work/study program (a government program called CETA) at the local Vocational Technical School. As a computer programmer I programmed a student files system in Microsoft BASIC on the schools newly acquired CP/M microcomputers. The cost of my involvement in the program was $10,000.

Somewhat after this astral dream I read a book about Walk-ins ( It may have been Ruth Montgomery's Strangers Among Us, but I have a feeling it was another book. In the book, it was indicated that Einstein has returned to earth as a Walk-in, and that he is now an inventor living in a northern European country working on inventions relating to the creation of ecologically friendly energy machines. Since then I have thought that I met Einstein as he came to earth prior to assuming bodily form once again.
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