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Author Topic: Observations of a Near Death Experiencer  (Read 1813 times)
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« on: March 26, 2007, 11:36:28 PM »

Posted: Fri Dec 03, 2004 7:56 am    Post subject: Observations of a Near Death Experiencer   

Buddhism is just fine. Any religion is just a social system looking for
spiritual answers. When any one of them claims they have all the answers
then forget it.

I sensed, at least for myself, I lived and died many times before. Know
what I compare it to? Did you ever see Blake Runner[great movie]? When
the supposed villian[actually not] is dying he is sitting in the rain
and sadly wonders about how so many experiences are doomed to vanish in
time like tears in the rain. This really brings it to home for me.

Past lives are like those tears in the rain. But never forgotten by the
souls that lived them. Each life adds to the growth of your soul. Which
isn't defined as a human soul. A soul is a soul, as it grows it is able
to become more and more, its life inside and its capacity for awareness
grows with experience. Today, for now, the human journey is just right
for it, but someday, in the far future, after it has grown a lot more,
it will want more. Someday a human physical life will not be enough for
your soul.

I sensed we grow until we're ready to help the spiritual creative
process. When we're ready to bring new souls from the tiny parts of what
we'll become. Humans are still babies on a spiritual level. Hardly
mature at all.

You already know what survives with the soul. You see with your soul,
not really with your eyes[just a physical means to transmitt the
physical light information to your brain, where the souls takes it from
there and turns it into alive perception of light]. You hear with your
soul, taste with it. Everything you're aware of, is felt inside the
AWARENESS of your soul. Underneath the perceptual objects of your mind
is your underlying sense of self and awareness, that is your soul. When
you watch a TV show and become emerged into other lives, while watching
that different story is still a same sense of YOU deep inside. When
you're driving, or swimming, or doing anything else, deep inside is
always that same sense of you, underneath all those different
perceptions. Because that is your soul. It was there when you were only
4 years old and will be there, the same and unchanging, if you reach 94.
Now the things you think about might change with a new brain and life
each time you come back to live a physical life, but you'll always be
YOU inside.

The worse horror a soul could experience is to get locked into one life
experience. Unless someday we develop physcial bodies we can change over
time so we can change over time to accomidate spiritual growth. But that
would be a new stage of physical life, reserved for the further
complexity of the future.

The one lesson I learned is this. Enjoy THIS life as much as you can.
While your soul will continue forever, which it is build for, your
present life, your present friends, what you enjoy now, your lovers
today, will not. Once read/lived, it is a chapter of life which cannot
be lived over again. So commiting suicide[unless is extreme hopeless
pain] should be a big no-no. Enjoy what you are today, because it won't
come again exactly as it is now.

As for what you really are. You're a soul. Capable of growing with
experiences. Consciousness is awareness -MENTAL LIGHT. Today your soul
as a human is dim, but someday, in time, it will shine as another white
light. When your turn to mentor lesser souls becomes your spiritual
duty. Human souls are still like flash lights against the sun of a white

You're on a long long long journey, and only from such a perspective
does Life become fair. With a never-ending ending.
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. -- George Carlin
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