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Author Topic: My 22 minutes in the light  (Read 2588 times)

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Love is the key

« on: December 22, 2008, 07:53:21 PM »

At age 8 my father took me and my 2 brother( ages 10 and 11) to go fishing in a river called (Rio Guaiba) In Porto Alegre- Brazil.

It was a hot day and very sunny. When we got there my father was setting up camp when we ask him if we could walk up river a little bit.

At first he said no, but after we begged a little bit and he agreed, but told us not to go in the water, he said that a few times.

We started to walk near the water and we got to this bush that was half in the land and half on the water. I don't remember which one of us had the idea to go in the water grabbing the bush to get to the other side.

My brother Marco age 10 went first, He took a few steps and I don't remember well how he lost hi's footing but he did, he went under, then my older brother Carlon tried to help him and went under also, I don't know why but I went after them, note (we didn't know how to swim).

I stared to panic, I was really scared, I remember trying to breath but I couldn't, water was going in instead, there was no more oxygen, I remember moving my arms and legs frantically trying to save my life. I remember my body hitting things under water, I don't know what was hitting me but it was very painful. Tthis river moves very fast from west to east towards the ocean. I don't know how much time went by but I couldn't move any more, I remember just floating under water then I hit bottom. the water was brown and I couldn't see anything. I knew I was dying and I screamed PLEASE GOD HELP ME!. (My mom used to take me to church so I knew about Him). I don't know how but I knew that God was the only one that could help me.

That was when I felt my life fading, then I heard the most pleasing voice telling me to relax and that everything was going to be o.k. I then felt this arms embracing me, I knew it was a men and he was very kind and gentle. I was so happy and confused at the same time. We were floating in mid air. I then realize that I was not dead, not yet anyway. I sensed we were going up very fast. All my pains were gone and I could breath again. My body was not solid anymore, I could see right through it, but I could feel me.

Then I saw that we going towards this light. When we got close to the light, the light just engulf me. It was brighter than the sun but didn't hurt my eyes. The angel that was with me said "tchau" and faded away. I was floating there for a moment thinking, "what's happening?" I felt connected to everything and everything was connected to me. (hard to explain) Then I felt I was not alone anymore. I could see this shape of a man coming closer. When he got close enough, I felt the most beautiful feeling of love and belonging, there's no words my human mind can said to describe this feelings (sorry). Imagine yourself in an airplane and the airplane blows up! Then you wake-up (just a dream). Kind of like that. I was so happy I wasn't dead for real, but where am I? (that place felt more real then this one).

This angel (I call them angels) came closer to my right side and spoke to me, but his lips was not moving. He was talking to my mind. I could hear him through my mind, being, and my soul. He told me he was there to help me with my questions (and boy did I have questions) but first he started to show me my life like a movie (hard to explain). My life was going backwards. I remember thinking "How bad can this be, I'm only 8 years old." The first image I saw was something bad that I did (I used a key to scratch a car). I could feel the pain that I cause because of my actions. Then I remember thinking "Oooh no! I'm in trouble!" My angel surprised me by saying "don't worry, these are just lessons." I remember thinking "Oh crap, he can read my mind too." He heard that too and gave me this lovely, beautiful smile. This movie was showing, second by second my entire life; everything I saw I could feel the results of it. Like, everything I did had a life of its own. Like when I felt the owner of the car feelings and thoughts, then he told his wife about it and I could feel her pain too, and on and on and on. (not a good feeling).

He didn't show me just the bad things I did, he show me the things I did out of love too. He showed me the time I took this homeless boy I become friends with. I took him home with me, we shower together, we eat together and I give him some of my cloths too. I could feel how happy I made my angel feel. He told me that those are the things that really matter, those where the things that will make a difference in the world for the better. As my life was going backwards I saw me as a baby inside my mother, then just a molecule of life, really really small but alive. Today when I see women having an abortion I want to cry. They don't understand that God give them this child for a reason, that she was chosen by that life (child). Don't know how I know that, I just do!.

Then the movie stop and he said two words and Everything I wanted to know was answer by it. (like a package deal). All my questions was answered in an instant. Then I started to miss my life as I knew it. I started to think about my mother and I could feel her pain when she heard the news that all her sons died. I knew my angel was showing me this because it wasn't my time, my mission wasn't done. What mission? I still don't know. I don't know how long all of this took, I didn't have the sense of time anymore. (but if I try, it will take years to show and tell everything.) Anyway, I was missing my life and I want to go back. I had flashbacks about playing soccer with my friend, being hugged by my mom, the sun the rain, things that made me happy. I also knew my angel did this for a reason because any sane person would not want to go back.

I also realize for the first time how beautiful and fragile Earth really is. I could sense the earth breathing like it was alive. I could see a light around everything that was alive, trees, flowers, grass, animals, volcanoes and humans. I sense that humans were in control over other living things, I have the word (aura) stamped in mind ever since. Don't know why but the angel told me not tell anyone and that time will revealed itself. I said "What"? But then I felt a jolt in my soul, a feeling that I was back in my body. Next thing I know, I was being held by another angel. He was pushing me out of the water. It was then that I realize that I was human again and back on my body. Oh my god, what a feeling! I wish I could make everyone feel that feeling.
being human is a beautiful gift.

Then I felt like I was drunk, the first thing I saw was this beautiful blue sky and I could breath again. Then I realize, "Where are my brothers?" I Look to my right and there they were, walking out of the water with me! OH MY GOD! THANK-YOU! THANK-YOU! THANK-YOU! I have tear in my eyes thinking about it. Our God and father is so good to us. Then I saw people rushing towards us, some were crying, some were smiling and hugging each other. They felt as happy as I did! Why? Than this police officer was talking on his radio he said, "I found them, I found the kids!" He told the others to come up river, the other officers were looking for us down river were they thought we were. After couple of minutes they got there and said, "This can't be them! They couldn't survive 22 minutes underwater and talk about it! The medical personal that was there agreed with them, and they all went back down river. I was trying to tell what happened but I couldn't speak. I mean my mouth was moving but no sound. I look up in the sky and said "Please give me my voice back, I won't tell anyone!' Slowly I got my voice back!

I got a stutter today but I don't care about that. I'm alive!For all I know they still looking for us. I don't know which is better, being back here or having the knowledge that we never die. Today, I take things as they came and I try to do everything with love. But that sometimes is really hard because we live in a world of uncertainty. People don't know who God really is. Some make it really hard for me to love them as I should, but I forgive them and love them on the inside, even though I don't show them sometimes. God knows what I mean.

My brother's and I never talked about this till Christmas of 2007 (38 years later).

I ask my brother Marco if he remember anything, he told me that an angel ask him not talk about it. A week went by and I ask Carlon what happened. He said that we died and that an angel saved us. He said he also saw the movie. I don't know why but we never got too deep on this conversation. I think we are scared that something would happen, because we were ask not to. If you guys don't hear from me you know why. As I get older I have the urge to tell the world that God and heaven is very real. I have to be very responsible when talking about this. I don't feel that I am the one writing this, but my soul.

I pray that one day the human race, the sons and daughters of God will live on Earth with that Love and Peace that I felt, and come to the realization that we are one.
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Thoughtful Living
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2008, 02:53:28 AM »

Thank you very much for sharing your near death experience with us. It is very beautiful and life changing. God Bless you.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. -- George Carlin
« Reply #2 on: December 24, 2008, 07:37:47 AM »

A marvellous report, I read it with great interest. You portray it in a real way.

Thank you very much for sharing it. :)
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