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Author Topic: Debating science fanatics  (Read 1580 times)
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« on: November 28, 2008, 03:53:12 AM »

I think you and other skeptics/scientists/atheists are missing a very simple fundamental truth. I apologize if you don't fall into all the catagories I listed. It is easy for you to see fault in others' beliefs, but impossible for you to see fault in your own.

Those who are religious believe the Bible is the word of the living God. Every single word, the inspired word of God. But......we know from studying history that the Bible was written by Men, not God. Men are fallible, they make mistakes, lots of them, and they are easy to find in a reading of the Good Book. We can also see the true believers saying one thing while doing another, but we can't see this in ourselves.

Now those who are believers in science are no different. They have a method, laws, rules, etc. written by Men. Men are fallible, they make mistakes, lots of them, and they are easy to find in science by reading about same. We also see the true believers saying one thing while doing another thing. This is not uncommon in mankind, we are not perfect, even though we may think our tools are.

Some of the common myths of science are everything is physical or materialism. If it isn't materialism then it doesn't exist no matter how much evidence we have to ignore. All people who don't think as we do are wrong. All personal experience by "outsiders" is labeled anecdotal and therefor null and void. But our personal experiences are ok, because we have the "way" to know the truth.

I have no beliefs on religion or science, but I do trust my personal experiences expecially after I have checked them out in reality.

I hope science will some day return to their basic principles of finding truth and forgetting about opinions (theories) just as I hope religion will some day return to their core beliefs of love one another.

On the religion front there are preachers like Joel Osteen who teaches a positive, love your neighbor, religion. He has the largest audience on television right now. God bless him.

On the science front there are people like Dr. Pim Van Lommel who is doing good research on non-physical subjects. I wish for more scientists like him.

You say science doesn't speculate? Today's science speculates, assumes, opines most of the time. Theories are guesses and the mainstay of science today. It was not always that way. When I was young science paid no more attention to theories than the general public does. They were interested in truth. Science has lost that calling and become lost in their theories.

For instance> a scientist digs up a fossilized humanoid. Usually just a few bones, not the whole skeleton. Then the facts stop and the speculation starts. The bones are reconstructed and the guessing starts. How old, what species, etc, etc. Soon we have a full-blown ancestor built from assumptions not fact.

I remember one scientists found a tooth, he built a skeleton around it, named it, and assigned it a place in history. Only the tooth belonged to a pig. Science today is close to worthless when one is looking for truth.
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