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Author Topic: Validity of the Near Death Experience  (Read 3727 times)
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« on: March 26, 2007, 11:00:39 PM »

Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2004 9:34 pm    Post subject: Validity of the Near Death Experience   

The question is whether the brain produces the mind, psyche, spirit, soul, or is the psyche independent of the brain.

Brain wave machines measure electrical activity within the brain, but do not show the source of that activity. It could be coming from the brain having been produced there, or it could be coming from an outside source to the brain where it is measured.

If we connect an oscilloscope to a television it can measure for us the electrical activity in the television, show us the patterns of waves existing there. The scope doesn't tell us where these waves come from or what causes them. It merely shows the waves. Since the TV is hardwared, and well documented, a repair man can usually tell from his experience where the problem lies, if there is one.

Now brain research has been going on for over 100 years, and no such documentation exists, no hardwiring has been proved.


"This is a project born of frustration, basically. For many years, all of us who study brain structure and function have struggled with the fact that no two brains are the same — not in shape or size and certainly not in function," said Dr. John Mazziotta of the International Consortium for Brain Mapping, based at the University of California, Los Angeles. "But how different they were and how to compare them was not known."

If brains were hardwired, and if they were merely biological, then why have they presented such a problem to researchers, the other organs of the body have been documented and understood using the same methods that have failed on the brain.

Now the brain is an interface between the body and spirit, since spirits (us) have different personalities the brain interfaces reflect these differences. The spirit guided brain also has the ability to mend itself, change locations of functions when necessary, and build new interfaces when the old ones are damaged.
Remember the brain does not have a brain.

What other indications do we have that the brain and spirit are separate entities?

The best evidence we have are veridical NDEs, these are near death experiences that show consciousness lives on after the brain has ceased to function. They are "veridical" because the information the experiencer returned to life with was verified as information not available to them before his brain ceased to function.

Now these NDEs have/are undergoing rigorous scientific study at this moment.

The University of Virgina, The University of Arizona, Duke University, and Universities in England, Holland and other countries are studing NDES.

A couple of these studies have been completed:

"This was the surprising thing," van Lommel says. "It's always said that NDEs are just a phenomenon relating to the dying brain and the lack of oxygen to the brain cells. But that's not true. If there was a physiological cause, all the patients should have had an NDE."

"If researchers could prove that clinically dead patients, with no electrical activity in their cortex, can be aware of events around them and form memories, this would suggest that the brain does not generate consciousness, French and Van Lommel think."

"Scientists investigating 'near-death' experiences say they have found evidence to suggest that consciousness can continue to exist after the brain has ceased to function. "

"He said: "When we examine brain cells we see that brain cells are like any other cells, they can produce proteins and chemicals, but they are not really capable of producing the subjective phenomenon of thought that we have."


Now I will show a couple of veridical NDEs.

The first is Pam Reynolds surgery, I show this because it is the best documented experience in existence.

The next veridical NDE is one I ran across in a news group.

Are these all?, no there are literally hundreds of veridical NDEs in existence. There are more on my site. Some are not as well verified as the two above, but the trend is clear.

While the NDE is the best, they are not the only experiences that point to our spiritual nature. Out-of-Body, Pre-Birth, After Death Communications, Death Bed Visions, etc. do so as well.

There have been numerous researchers that have started their research as skeptics and ended them as believers. Kenneth Ring, Raymond Moody, Elizabeth Keubler-Ross, Robert Monroe, to name a few.

It is time now to talk about the overwhelmingly powerful personal experiences of temporal-lobe epileptics.

This is an interesting article and shows the frustation of trying to analyze the brain. The writer is a skeptic, but is careful to say his findings do not include any prior knowledge of the NDEers brain waves before their experience. I included it in my links because I found it interesting. I knew an epileptic when in high school and was surprised to hear my brain waves may be similar to his.

We have shown that brain waves may not be from the brain and that, in part, would explain how my brain receiving the save waves as an epileptic would cause our bodies to react so differently. It would indicate our brains were "wired" differently. But it does remain a mystery.

I would suggest to those who wish to learn more the following links.

These links are on my site, there are many other sites with more experiences and more informations.

Just go to Google and type in Near Death Experiences, and you will get about a million hits.

In summary, we have shown strong evidence of man's spiritual nature and life after death. Scientists can do what they will, but the near death experiences will not go away.

I search for truth, I am not interested in scientific methods, laws, or opinions. I feel the same about religion. I am not a believer in God, I know God exists. I have experienced the spiritual many times. However, I respect the beliefs and feelings of others.,2.htm

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. -- George Carlin
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