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Author Topic: An Interesting Experience  (Read 1705 times)
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« on: March 26, 2007, 10:56:27 PM »

Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2004 9:00 am    Post subject: An Interesting Experience, poster unknown, moved by Lekatt   

It happened to me more than once. The first time was actually silly when
I look back on it. I used to play sports on weekends from morning to
night. The first time with a NDE was when I played basketball over a 12
or 15 hour[forgot] stretch. With one group in the morning, another in
the afternoon, the another into the night - full court, lots of running.
Felt fine, but very exhasted, until my heart gave out later. I was very
fast and always running. Never thought about over-doing it back then,
that was for old people.

There is a lot of stuff I left out of my essay. The initial experience.
How it felt to look down on my body and feel happy I wasn't trapped by
it anymore. How it felt to see for the first time empty space was
something else. I was able to look at objects in the room
and see them receding backwards in time. Stretching backwards into time.
Noticing the future was more fuzzy, breaking into different paths, new
senses of a sort. I felt THOUGHTS supporting REALITY, but not like the
fragile ones which occupy our minds, a deeper type of THOUGHT. I could
see THE ESSENCE OF THOUGHT, how it couldn't be worn down by time[another
thought-relationship]. I remember thinking how it was so obvious now
that only something like it could endure eternity without wearing away.
These underlying THOUGHT STRUCTURES construct REALITY. SOUlS were what
PURPOSE was really all about. I looked into the fabric of what was, down
into the smallest parts, seeing it floated off NOTHING. And looking
around me, all around me, into what seemed outer space, sensing the
pulsing of an infinite mind conjuring it all up. I also noticed my soul
was attached to something much bigger than what I thought I was, going
back into what I fully was[don't ask]. I was into the white light, but
rudely felt my death had come too early by accident, I was pushed bad. I
struggled to remain, but couldn't force it against whatever it was I
really was, and the others I sensed around me who were watching.

Somehow I was able to sense beings who were so advanced they could walk
the spiritual and physical worlds at the same time. And what now seems
strange to me, but not then, they had an ability to re-structure the
physical laws of any physical body they occupied so they could adjust to
different universes with different physical laws.

I saw at the bottom of all reality was NOTHINGNESS. But what was, was
always growing and new places were always being created. And the
creation was always working/creating. Reality will always grow. Spirits
follow it.

Another time I saw where I would buried someday, zoomed into the ground
where my body[this one] would be, expecting to see just dark dirt
underground, I did, but then I zoomed throught the body into the white
light, I was thinking with same clarity and control you have when you're
awake, no different than what I have now as I'm writing this. The
WHITENESS was so super white and it felt so good. I saw something
like/was my own soul looking at me in amusement, remembering the
experience from a backward perspective. Time doesn't run the same in the
white light as it does here.

Another time when I went into the white light, I heard conversation in
my mind that my genes were too strong, my body would survive. That I
wouldn't be able to remain.

The first time I experienced the white light, it was many years before I
wrote MAYBE - when I knew I couldn't stay - no matter what. I sensed
anger with me when I wanted to stay in the white light.

The last time was after. And I felt that MAYBE was somehow a good part
of what I was supposed to do. But not all of it. Not yet. The anger was
a lot less.

At the bottom I felt all spirits/souls came from the same source. Some
are just further along the journey. But since the journey never really
ends, where you are in life doesn't really matter in the long run, just
to those around you and how you effect them during a moment. Like Jesus
advised, let the future take care of itself. Souls return to take care
of their own times. The far future will have their souls to cope with
its problems. Except today for the first time, before we become too
mature or stable to not do it, we're in position to self-destruct as a
species. We have the weapons to destroy the human race. This time is
more critical than most. For human souls that is.
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. -- George Carlin
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