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Author Topic: Ask Your Guides book notes part 1  (Read 763 times)
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« on: June 02, 2012, 02:58:46 AM »

Here is part 1 of part 2 of my book notes called: Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette. As a Christian the ultimate guide I have is the Holy Spirit but I also believe in other benevolent spirits that want to help us in life.

Intro on Guide book:

Each of us has a spiritual support system committed to making our life’s journey easier and more successful, from the moment we’re born to the moment we leave our physical bodies and return to spirit.

The best way to connect with your own spirit is to start recognizing what makes you come alive. What lifts and inspires your soul? Next, begin noticing what feeds your spirit. That is, what experiences, activities, and energies give you strength and fortify and nourish you at your core, leaving you feeling satisfied, content with life, and comfortable in your own skin? What delights and surprises you; draws you into life, helping you to embrace it head-on; and brings you to peace within yourself? Listen to uplifting music. Sing. Take long, luxurious baths filled with scented bath salts. Meditate. Decorate your home with fresh flowers and potted plants. Do nothing. Go for walks. Fill your bedroom with candles and good pillows. Read exotic travel magazines. Give your body a good workout. Pray. Slow down in everything you do. Laugh. These are the moments when your soul is inspired, and these are the experiences that open you up to the larger world of spirit guides.

Consequently, there are many kinds of guidance with which we can connect: guides who once lived in the physical world; family members who have crossed to the Other Side; guides you’ve shared past lives with; guides who come as spiritual teachers to oversee your path; healers who can assist in your physical and emotional care; helpers who make day-to-day living easier; nature spirits and elementals that connect you with the earth; animal spirits to guide your path; even joy guides to keep your own spirits high when life becomes too heavy and hard.

The key to receiving such gifts, however, is to accept that we can’t succeed on our own. We must open our hearts and minds to the loving support that’s available to all of us.

The good news is that whatever the reason for the separation, we can reconnect our inner awareness back to our hearts—if we want to, and if we don’t allow our minds to hold us completely hostage. Those of us who live in our hearts have a high vibration, which is not too distant from the spiritual frequencies of those in the nonphysical plane.
Unless you actively invite your guides to help you on a daily basis, you’re going to block the strong inner guidance they offer.  Stop being resistant, and start listening to the loving support that your guides and the spirit world have to offer. The key to receiving such gifts, however, is to accept that we can’t succeed on our own. We must open our hearts and minds to the loving support that’s available to all of us.
You also begin to see the hidden connections, opportunities, and support that are available right before your eyes. You’ll begin to view the Universe at large as a beautiful, nurturing, positive place where everything and everyone is looked after and loved … and that includes you.

Guardian Angels:
“To whom God’s love commits me here, Ever this day, be at my side To light, to guard, to rule and guide.”
Breathe and chant your angels name. “Ministry of angels, oversee all that I do and make it easy, magical, and filled with gifts. Thank you.”
“Good morning, guardian angel.”[pause] “Good morning, archangels.” [pause] “Good morning, ministry of angels.” Then pause one more time as you consciously connect with each frequency.

Guardian angels watch over, guide, and nurture us—keeping our minds, bodies, and souls safe until we’re ready to return to spirit—and then they personally walk us back to heaven. Ask yourself if you’ve ever experienced a “near-miss” incident or by some strange intuition been spared some sort of trauma, then recall how it unfolded and how it left you feeling. You can rest assured that, no matter how subtle the experience, it was an angel on duty, helping you out. It’s to keep us safe until we accomplish what we’re here for.

Children have a far greater chance of consciously connecting and interacting with their angels than adults do because their hearts are so open and their spirits are so strong.
Also, like eternal bodyguards and constant companions, your angels are there to listen and act, so talk with them directly—especially out loud—whenever you can. Tell your angels about your fears, concerns, decisions. Don’t forget to share your successes with your angels. Tell your angel you’re looking forward to a long and loving relationship with it, that you’re open to its help, and create a signal to acknowledge the presence of your guardian angel.
Angels, encourage the development of your artistic talents and have the power to jump-start your creativity into high expression.

Gabriel governs emotions. He is the association with the element of water.
Raphael is in charge of healing and boosting your creativity
Remiel is the angel of hope.

God helps those who help themselves, so until you’re ready to take the necessary steps to make things happen.
If you’re really stuck in your head and feeling disconnected from your spirits, simply count your blessings day by day and you’ll see what I mean, since most of them were orchestrated by your angels. Train your mind to notice what good fortune has befallen you on a daily basis, and be grateful to your guides for their help. So the more accepting and appreciative you are of their presence, the more surprises and gifts you can expect from them.

Spirit Guides:
Your spirit guides are your volunteer corps—ready, willing, and able to serve when you call upon them.
Let me know that I was never alone in the world and that I had guides who were assigned to watch over, help, protect, and teach me throughout my lifetime.
Most spirit guidance is as subtle as the brush of a butterfly’s wing on your cheek. So, if you’re waiting for a booming voice or an apparition of Merlin to appear at the foot of your bed, you’ll most likely be disappointed. Like all good friends, they always listen and reserve judgment, never try to control you or tell you what to do, and won’t flatter you or cater to your ego.

“My brain says [fill in the blank] on the subject.” Then pause, and follow with: “My heart and inner guide say [fill in the blank] on the subject.”
They must respect that it’s our life, and they can’t enter it without an invitation.
Some guides may connect with us because they had similar challenges in their earthly lives and want to offer their guidance to ease our way. Still others may show up to help us in certain projects or tasks, because in their past lives they were masters in the discipline we’re exploring or working in. Entities who may have shared some important relationship or spiritual work with us in past lives may choose to continue working with us in this life.
There are also many guides entering the earthly plane from other galaxies and solar systems—some of whom have never had physical bodies—who are connecting with us to help restore the planet to balance and peace.

Return to your childhood pastime of daydreaming to activate your inner eye by imagining what your spirit guides and the guides of others might look like. Keep your eyes relaxed and almost closed, and let your inner eye do the “looking.”
Way to prepare to receive spirit is to stop judging yourself or others, and to forgive, forgive, forgive. Nothing scrambles psychic circuits and disconnects you from high frequencies faster and more completely than being judgmental or holding a grudge. You raise your frequency by opening your heart and focusing your awareness on all of the love and support that are already present in your life.

It takes a tremendous amount of effort for them to modify their frequency so that you can see them. At the same time, your own frequency must rise to a certain level in order to activate what is known as your “third eye” (the inner eye you imagine with), which you use to see your guides. People who have a very active and developed inner eye are most likely to see their guides quickly. Don’t missing out on the here-and-now. Seeing your guides is the hyperacute ability to focus on what’s going right now.
(1) They need to want to see them; (2) they have to believe that they will; and (3) they must accept what they see.
If you’re working to connect with your guides and are at risk of encountering negative reactions from others, it’s self-loving and healthy to protect yourself and your efforts by keeping your pursuits discreet.

More on spirit guides:

Spirit guides can use riddles, metaphors, symbols, dreams, and even jokes to speak to us.
In a small pocket notebook, start keeping track of objects, impulses, images, phrases, melodies, ideas, and even random thoughts that seem to pop up unexpectedly and recurrently in your life. After two weeks, look back though your notes. Is there a pattern? Do you recognize any further meaning or any hidden humor within these messages now that some time has passed?

Their job is to lovingly provide clues and direction that will ease your cares and lead you to greater personal growth on your earthly journey. As tempting as it may be to desire a higher power to take over and save you from all potential mistakes, it would most likely become insufferable. After all, we’re here to learn, and the only way to do so is by trial and error. Your guides don’t want to do your work; they just want to help you learn your lessons as quickly and efficiently as possible while enjoying life.
Spirit guides are the ones who inspire you with an idea, solution, new course of action, or some means of creative expression. The word inspiration is taken directly from the word spirit, so when you’re in this state, you’re communicating with these assistants.

To recognize and act on your inspirations requires an open mind. Spirit guides can offer the best assistance to those who are willing to help themselves. They provide inspiration, but it’s up to you to accept it and do something with it.

Don’t refuse their help just because they don’t do things your way. Accept every inspiration, impulse, and bright idea as an important message from above, and don’t waste time arguing, dismissing, or questioning.

Until you choose to act or not act, nothing will change. Guides can’t do things for you, change things for you, or make magic happen.
True guidance is subtle and considers everyone, and will always lead you to the high road of personal responsibility, spiritual growth, and integrity.

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superb, excellent, and true. Love
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. -- George Carlin
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