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Author Topic: I feel cheated...  (Read 4349 times)

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« on: April 28, 2008, 08:45:19 AM »

     I have been searching for God ever since I was a teenager (I am 40 yrs old now).  In 1994, I was close to declaring myself an atheist...when I had a cardiac arrest. I was being treated for leukemia at this time and some of the meds I was taking caused major electrical problems in my heart.  When the event occurred, I was not successfully shocked by the EMT's until many minutes later.  I remained in a coma for two days afterwards.  Being without O2 for so long left me with short term memory problems which still affect me today.

     Anyway, my mother tells me that when I came to, I asked for two of my closest relatives (who had been deceased for YEARS).  I was unaware that they were dead, and I stated that "I was just with them!"  I was shocked to hear that they were dead.  I have tried to remember more of this "possible" NDE, but only a few things pop into my mind when I attempt to recall it.     
     One- was the sense that those relatives were WITH me, yet I really wasn't experiencing their presence with my 5 senses.  I KNEW they were there, but I didn't necessarily see or hear them.  But I felt that they were there for a reason. 
     Two- was the feeling of being completely emotionally unattached to the people in the room where this event occurred (my mom/dad, my best friend, even myself).  I was not upset, sad, emotional in any way at all.  It was almost as if I was 'ready' to move onward to wherever I was going.  I felt calm, peaceful, not afraid.
      Three- I recall moving forward (walking? floating?) through a huge open field/valley with mountains in the distance.  It was night time (the event happened at night, also), and I was sort of "following" my relatives.  I sensed that I was going somewhere specific.
    The reason why I say that I feel cheated is because so many folks described their NDE's with such clarity and detail- no wonder it changes their lives.  MY NDE memories are SO vague that I question whether or not it was even reall. Like, after I was told that I was asking for my dead relatives...did I just sort of  unknowingly 'fabricate' these memories of the event? (sort of how a sketchy dream is described in more detail that it was actually remembered as..."embellishment", if you may)
     Also, with my heartfelt search for God all these years (I am a scientist and thus, I tended to not believe so much in a spiritual world as I did a material world), WHY was I NOT allowed to experience this NDE to it's fullest?  It would have been the answer that I had been searching for since my teen years (YES! There IS a God!)
     One more question: If there is a spiritual world that we will all become a part of when we die, then why doesn't EVERYONE who 'dies' and 'comes back' claim to have a NDE?
    Sigh......   Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated.     Thank You!                Christine
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Thoughtful Living
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2008, 07:08:49 PM »

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I always enjoying reading them.

Now I can offer my opinion on why your experience was as it was, but I can't tell you for sure.

It is true that many people who have near death experiences, and I believe you had one, don't remember their experience for months or even years after it happens. Some may never remember, but due to their changed lives it is apparent they saw something. Things that can interfere with experiences are expectations, and belief systems. If you expect to see something the consciousness will focus on that thing leaving other more important things off to the side and unnoticed. Tell me how you feel about life now as compared to how you felt before the experience.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. -- George Carlin

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The Late Great Me
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2008, 11:03:07 PM »

Greetings Cristine,

Thank you for posting this…and like Sam asked…would you care to elaborate on your life now after this experience you had?

I’ve been looking at the questions you asked here for a long time no but have only found time today to perhaps shed some light, as it were…

First of all an excerpt from my book as I know and believe to be the truth through what I experienced…

‘I discovered that we are the most beautiful creations and that there was no evil in any soul. All people seek love and what distorts them is the lack of love. We are designed to self-correct, just like the rest of the universe. In the kingdom of the mind you are all essence, this is what guides you and develops you spiritually, there is no god but a common good, no redeemer but one has to rely oneself, no trinity but substance, energy and intellect. All has been and always will be in harmony with life, and your character is god.’

The is no god, no devil, no reincarnation and no evolution…even if you’re coming to declare yourself as an atheist it doesn’t mean anything because religion is man made, people created organised religion as a form of crowd control…and where I’m going when I reach the next dimension religion doesn’t matter, because whether you’re religious or not, when you die you still progress to the next dimension…

I’m not slamming religion at all, whatever makes you tick, go for it…but if you know the truth as I do I understand the following for the unknowing: While one does not have to be religious to dwell in the spirit world, one inevitably will benefit from a thorough understanding and practice of a particular tradition. This said, however, it needs to be recognized that not all teachings described as religious are beneficial. Religion that is judgmental, damaging, critical, and narrow, may impede the spirit's natural growth. It is love, not religion, which creates spiritual growth. Where religion teaches love, there is growth. Where religion impedes love, there is stagnation.

That’s as real as it gets…

Since you’ve experienced it first hand, you know there is absolutely nothing science or religious doctrine can prescribe to explain spiritualism as you experienced it…or indeed as I experienced it…I have had 27 years to think about it and work it out for myself…

Those 2 relatives were indeed with you as you described and that was a very fortunate experience for you because you felt comfortable with them…some folks who progress to the next stage of life have nothing there they can identify with. When I died and met my brother and later on my grandfather, although I never met them or interacted with them in human form. I could immediately identify with them and felt overwhelming love from both of them and they held on to me not in a physical way, as we know it…

I wasn’t emotionally attached to anyone although the first time I did have a hankering to come back and experience life more for my own selfish reasons and I did. The second time it happened a couple of hours later and learned about what I had to be facing and my limited knowledge about it, I was totally unattached to anything until the light instructed me to return. I’m lead to understand that spirits that are on their way to the next dimension or in that next dimension don’t want anything to do with the human form because it is disgusting, grossly unpleasant, sickening and not conducive to spiritual development in the next plane. There is a point where some assemble and try to come back or wait to be summoned by would be spiritualists as we know them to be. However this assemblage is dull glowing spirits are, the type who did not love, as they should to warrant an immediate self-judgement before the light…

What you saw in your movement to the next dimension was what you were comfortable with seeing for reasons only be known to you. I could identify with motorcycles and I was shown a highway towards my further development. Floating or moving forward isn’t an option in the next dimension…you as a scientist know that nothing moves faster than the speed of light here in this dimension of life as we know it…when you’re essence you actually move at the speed of thought which is difficult to explain because I cant find the words in any language to describe this…you are everywhere at once…

Time is irrelevant in that dimension and you saw far more than you can remember, you had your judgement and the light saw fit to send you back again to live some more…

You will remember some more in the time to come but always remember:

The Golden Rule is the governing principle in the spirit world; do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. People who truly practice the religion of love will find their selves in a universal sphere where everyone understands that true religion, is to love others as we love ourselves.
Too much of a good thing is wonderful!!!!

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« Reply #3 on: February 13, 2011, 11:37:01 PM »

hewholaughslast: Your response to jazzlvr66 was EXACTLY what I learned in my NDE.  No specific reference to a God, no Heaven, no Hell, just that the Golden Rule is what is important in this physical life!  LOVE IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT IN THIS WORLD!   

Time is irrelevant is the realm I have no name for, and I did feel as if I was in all places at all times, no boundry to my existence.  I was made aware of the evil in this world and man's faults, and I was "prodded" to make it known to the populas of this world, in hopes there would be changes in mankind's actions to his fellow mankind!
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