A Near Death Experience, No. 95.

What happened to me?

I've never relayed this experience to anyone other than my parents. A year ago I was involved in a terrible car accident where another driver doing 120mph collided head-on with my vehicle. We were both driving small compact cars. Upon impact, every bit of breath escaped my lungs.

Everything was quiet: the crunching of metal and the screams from other passengers. Everything was quiet and dark. I felt as if I could be anywhere in time or space at anytime I wanted. I felt like I could pour my energy into anything earthly. I saw my life, and flowers. It was like I was experiencing the flowers completely. It was a far greater sensation than any bodily sense could provide.

Eventually, I met a Being surrounded in blue light. It seemed like someone I was supposed to know very well. Every question that I had about death was answered and I feared it no longer. I felt warm and comforted, sort of like I had gone home, or some place familiar. There was an intense debate of whether or not I should return. I felt like something was unfinished.

Soon after this feeling, I felt like I was being stuffed back into a box that was too small for me to fit in. I felt heavy, like lead and it took a tremendous effort for me to eventually open my eyes. I pryed myself from the car and the medics came running toward me saying "she's alive."

I don't know if I believe that this really happened. Am I crazy? What happened to me? Was I actually dead? Did I experience a NDE? I'm very confused. I've been confused for a very long time.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.


(Replies have been sent to Ariel by other Near Death Experiencers.)


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