A Near Death Experience, No. 93.


On 6/20/99 I was having radio frequency ablation for a heart arrhythmia when the Dr. punctured the back of my heart. They didn't know what happened at the time, just that my blood pressure dropped quickly and my heart stopped. They worked on me for about 1 1/2 hr. and finely opened me up and discovered the problem. At the very least they thought if I lived I would have brain damage from lack of oxygen but I have made a 100% recovery.

At some point, when I was "gone," I was in a black room with iridescent bubbles on my left side and a black coffin on my right. It was a waiting room. I was put there to make a decision, if I wanted to come back or leave. I was about 20 years younger (I am 45 now) and at no time was I afraid. It was all rather matter of fact. I still don't recall who put me in the room but all of this was very clear to me when I came to and I shared what I experienced with my ICU nurse when I could talk.

Before I had my surgery I had read many books on the subject and only 1-2 months before heard Dannion Brinkley in Dayton, OH. In all of my readings I have never heard anything like my story. I find it somewhat curious that since I was somewhat familiar with the topic I didn't experience anything like what I had read or what I would have thought it to be like.

In a way I guess I am a little disappointed that I don't feel "changed" but do feel/hope that there was more that might be revealed to me at a later date.



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